Bangkok Diaries: Oh La La Cafe (On Nut)

Hey guys! 

Just wanna share some of the yummy stuff we had during our Thailand trip.

We stayed in On Nut (E9), which is 9 BTS stops from Siam. We chose the place because we wanted to get away from the crazy bustle in the central area, and wanted to stay in a quieter, different area :)

We were well rewarded with some of our finds here! 

Found this little cafe called Oh La La Cafe, which offers breakfast sets, cakes, and more!

I ordered the Pancake Breakfast set, which came with a drink (hot tea, OJ or Americano) (350baht~$15.70 SGD)

BF ordered the Devilled eggs on toast (250baht ~ $11.30 SGD)

OMG they were absolutely delicious. I had 3 pancakes, two plain and one topped with fruits and chocolate sauce. The pancakes managed to be the best of both worlds. They were crispy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside. Wow please I wish I could cook like this! 

Somehow all the eggs we had in Thailand were H U G E as compared to even the 'Large' Seng Choon ones in Singapore. Is it because they are free range?

As for the Devilled Eggs on toast, they came with smoked salmon, two eggos, topped with a lil cayenne pepper and a side salad. Very scrumptious onomnom. We loved it! This wasn't a breakfast set and since we were heading to Chatuchak later, we didn't order a second drink. The lady was so nice tho, she gave us a free cup of Orange Juice when she saw that we only had one drink. (Probably meant for BF, not me, but guess who drank most of it? Haha.)

Nevertheless we were sooo happy with our meal. Maybe eating one on its own might be a little too gelat (for the devilled eggs), but it's perfect if you share your plates. Haha. 

The cafe food in Singapore just cannot compare with the price and flavour?!?!?! I highly recommend you to try out some cafe spots the next time you travel out.

Here's a little peek into their cute cosy cafe! It can maybe fit 20 people at the most? What a dream! 

Spot some yummy croissants!

The cafe is not only patronised by tourists, or expats, but also locals.
Cute boardgames and colouring tools, great for kiddos or the doodler. They also offer vegan food on their menu, and wheat straws.

All in all we really enjoyed our time here! The only regret we had was that we didn't order the whipped cream mocha, which another customer was having. Mmmm ultimate pleasure!

Highly recommend this charming lil cafe if you're ever in this On Nut area. Aroy maak maak!


Oh La La Cafe
Address: The Link Advance, Sukhumvit Soi 50, 
10260 Bangkok, Thailand