Teachers' Day Special!

Hey guys!

Since it's Teachers' Day, let's shine the spotlight on our dazzling teachers! We caught a minute with our busy senseis and get them to share a special moment they had with their students. After all, they are what makes a teachers' life so eventful! Some stories are heartwarming, while others are comedic gold 😂. If you're a teacher, you might be able to relate. HAHA!  Enjoy!

*Some names have been changed to protect identities.

"A memorable time was when I once saved two students from joining a MLM company."

"Once a P2 girl gave me a rubber band ring she made. Then, P6 girls started to ask if I had a girlfriend. To fend them off, I told them I was married and even started to wear a ring! Haha, they believed me and left me alone." - Mr Tan

"One time during class, we asked the 5 year olds what they wanted to be when they grow up. Some of them answered that they wanted to be firemen, soldiers, or teachers. One girl really left an impression on me. She said, "I just want to be happy." It's always a good reminder for me." - Teacher Jess
Guess we have to beware of fit boyfriends...

"This happened around the examination period, so understandably there was a lot of stress going around. I had a lesson with one of my Secondary 1 classes on Children’s day. Since it was their first year in secondary school, I thought that they might miss Children’s day. So I decided to bring some sweets to class, just to relieve stress if nothing else.

So I walked into class, and we greeted each other. Then the following exchange happened:

Me: Firstly, I know today is Children’s day (take out sweets).
Students: ‘WAH MR NG IS THE BEST’, ‘NO OTHER TEACHER CARES ABOUT US’ and other general chaotic noise.
Me: …I haven’t even finished my sentence yet.
Students: SHHHHH
Me: Thank you. Well, today is Children’s day, so I thought of giving you sweets. But then I decided that you all are in Secondary school now, you are no longer children and there’s no need to celebrate Children’s day. It’s time to grow up now. So take out the work that we went through halfway yesterday.
Students:… …

Yes, it was indeed very stress relieving for me." - Mr Ng

"Last year, I had an intense consultation marathon from early morning to 6pm. My students know my schedule because I post it online to let them book their slots. This one student was super sweet. She saw that I had no break at all, so when she came for her slot, she bought lunch for me. Kids can be so sweet and thoughtful."

"A special moment for me was when my repeat A Levels students brought me out to celebrate after they all got into their first choice university! What really heartens me is that even before they got their results, they were already grateful for the past year because they have felt their own growth. :')" - Ms Lim

"My kid with autism trolls me."- Ms Tan

"I had a pair of boys in my centre last year. Both were Sec 4 but from different streams and different schools. They seldom speak to each other in class. Boy A was migrating to the States after his exams, and Boy B would continue his education in Singapore. On their last ever lesson together, Boy B was like, see you bro! He offered to hug Boy A. The scene where they hugged each other was very GDLL to me because they always want to be manly but this time, showed their soft side :')

The same Boy B, who is very sweet,  asked me if he got struck by lightning, whether he would become the Flash. He also said that having sex at night would not result in pregnancy because the sperms are asleep. The whole class facepalmed!" - Ms Catherine

"Once I was marking a lot of scripts, and when I returned it to the kids, I was just lamenting to them, saying stuff like ' You know, I mark your scripts until I bleed sia!'  They were all very worried, thinking that I really vomited blood. It was just a paper cut though. The next thing I know, someone left a plaster in my cubbyhole without leaving a name. Aww." - Ms Lee

"The students now have a short 5 minutes of snack breaks every day, as sometimes the school day is very long, and the recess is too early or late. The kids will bring their own snacks and are allowed to eat in class. This is usually during the lunch time, about noon. So you know, teachers are human too, and we get hungry too! I'll type on the screen, "Feed me, I'm hungry too", and the class will always share their food with me. They'll share their samosas, chips, biscuits, sweets etc, and I find that very sweet of them."

"What really moved me deeply was seeing the impact I've made in the students' lives that goes beyond grades. I think it's something I often wonder about but have not asked. After I posted news about my cancer online, the outpouring of messages really floored me. Some students did not know what to say and took a few days to form their thoughts, others sent long essays, and a particular group of students even got together after school to take a photo and send it to me. The gist of all their messages were largely about how they enjoyed my lessons tremendously, how they're going to miss me, and how through my lessons they learned to love GP, a subject they used to hate. They also learned how to see the world differently.

One particularly moving text I received was from a first batch student. Back then, I was so young and green and didn't know my shit at all. Every lesson, I struggled with the imposter syndrome, and carried so much guilt towards them. This boy who found out about my condition dropped me a really moving text, and I was so glad to know that he did learn from my lessons, in spite of my inexperience.

Teachers, don't underestimate the impact you have on your kids. They really do know your heart, even if they may not show it." - Ms Chan

Thank you to all the teachers that participated in this post! You guys are brilliant. Keep up the great work and thank you for helping to mould the future generation. We appreciate you :)

Happy Teachers' Day!