Bangkok Diaries: 8 other yummy things not to miss!

Sabaay di kha? (how are you)

To round off the Bangkok Diaries posts, I'm gonna share a lil on some 'basic' food we had in Bangkok! Sorry bout the badly framed pics, most of the time I was too greedy and immediately took a bite. Haha.
  1.  Thai Crispy Pancakes
    I fell in love with this on a previous family trip where we bought like 10 from a lady from a street pushcart. Bought some from a food court this time!! The white cream is like marshmallow, while the orange stuff is coconut, or strips of egg yolk.

    Pic from Travelvui
  2. Daorueang Restaurant (Pratu Nam)
    We had local food here! Loved it. Ordered the crispy pork and charsiew rice, normal mifen soup and also a tomyum noodle soup, which had a noodle that was closer to those used for Phad Thai. Flavour wise the tom yum was more on the sweet and sour side, rather than the spicy end. However, you can easily add more chilli from the condiments provided on the table.

     YUM + cheap too! Locals and tourists alike come here to eat. One plate/bowl is only about 40-60 baht!!
  3. Coconut Ice Cream at Chatuchak
    Strangely I have never had this despite visiting Chatuchak twice on other visits...damn I really have been missing out! Really enjoyed this. You can put as many toppings as you want, and the choices range from jellies, to burnt peanuts. I enjoyed the chia seeds topping the most!

    Super happy.
  4. Mango Sticky Rice (duh)
    We tried this super raved about one from Klook, called Yenly Yours, but was super disappointed with it?! We had much better mango sticky rice from our massage place lol. You can easily find mango sticky rice on the streets, food courts, convenience stores, supermarkets, and various F&B shops.

    Only looks pretty... pudding and ice cream was not very flavourful. Simple is best!
  5. Mango Star
    This one is pricey at 99baht (~$5 SGD) HAHA but I enjoyed the coconut smoothie with sago so, so much. They also serve mango smoothies of course. Really up my alley! There's one at the Phaya Thai MRT (Airport Rail) and another at the airport basement!

  6. Audrey Cafe
    The Audrey Thai Milk Tea Crepe cake has been on my wishlist for years and I finally fulfilled this foodie wish! We went to the Thonglor branch which was way quieter and what more, had a 1-for-1 promo for cakes! Haha! Score! So we had another New York Cheese Cake too.
  7. 7-11 Food
    We had hot grilled sandwiches, and tried some instant rice meals too! Surprisingly the instant rice meals really packed a crazy spicy punch. I also bought Thai flavoured Lays (Crab Curry) and other 'special' flavours to try.
  8. Flavorful Thai Restaurant (On Nut)
    We had a super yummy dinner at this local tzechar at On Nut! The Tom Yum shrimp fried rice is not for the faint hearted.

Extra tips:
  • Get a 8 Day data SIM card from Klook and collect it from the Thailand airport basement, near the MRT! Only about $6, and remember to use your Shopback! *Use my referral code A77WAD if you have not signed up for a Klook account! You get $5 once you sign up using my code (hahaha!)*
  • Coins are really useful at BTS stations as some ticket machines only accept coins.
  • Please stand on the right side on the escalator.
I'm really looking forward to my next holiday, and also some cool movies that will be in theatres soon! Hope you guys are all well despite the awful haze. Take care!