Week in Pictures #1


I thought this would be a fun way to share some little snippets while encouraging me to take some photos of small moments in life. So here goes nothing!

Picture 1/4

I love finding the moon in the sky. It's kind of romantic, don't you think? This photo is inspired by one of the photographers my friend likes a lot.

Picture 2/4

There's a long trail of cat paws prints near a bus stop I frequent and it never fails to make me laugh. When I think about the cat's indifference towards wet concrete, I just can't help but smile to myself.

Picture 3/4

This photo was taken on a mild sunny day with enough breeze to sway leaves on a tree. 

I spotted this bench set and thought to myself, hey, in the past before people had electricity, would people have hung out here?

People before the digital era did hang out in gardens, after all.

Imagine the Chinese emperor and his peeps hanging out at a pavilion in the summer garden, or a boisterous English picnic with actual picnic baskets, apples, and pies. Golden curls on blue-eyed children frolicking in the grass, tumbling around wild flowers and sitting on Winnie the Pooh logs. Fun!

Or peeps just hanging around talking to each other, reading, writing poems, maybe playing some instruments, or even painting to pass the time. Sadly, in reality I think this bench set would rarely see such action in Singapore, as it is not in the shade. I feel like many people buy outdoor furniture and put them in their gardens, balconies or roofs (if they own a penthouse or landed property etc), but rarely use it. All with the best intentions but I guess it's just really not very practical in hot and sunny Singapore.

As for me, I'll just imagine all the cool tea parties that could have happened maybe a hundred years ago :)

Picture 4/4

This last picture was taken at the Lee Kong Chian Natural Museum. It's a cross section of a shell. Look at the sections within, aren't they so perfectly shaped? Nature is always so stunning with all the symmetry and vibrant colours. 

More thoughts on the museum: There are so many millions, billions, of species that are so interesting and wonderful in their own way. Sometimes it's really sad that we humans can get so wrapped up in our own affairs and ignore the rest of the world, and worse, destroy them. Guess we'll just perish together then. More thoughts on eco stuff in another blogpost, soon!

Hope you liked this lil set of pics! Which was your favourite? Mine would be the cat paws, because they *still* make me laugh even as I sit here typing.

Till then,