hello from trash monster 👋


Hello everyone!

Just got back from my second beach clean up at East Coast Park! Today there was less big sized trash, but still plenty of micro plastics and small bits and pieces of trash.

Curated a small pile of trash and sorted it by colour just for fun! 

Picked up these things today:
  • about 50 plastic straws
  • about 50 cigarette butts
  • about 30 bottle caps
  • sachets
  • rope and string
  • toys
  • food packaging (ice cream, coffee, tea, noodles)
  • bottles, water packets
  • disposable spoons
  • onion (??? haha)
  • broken styrofoam ( I HATE these. They are such a pain to pick up.)

My 'new' gloves! Assessed the beach today and decided to use my large red plastic bag instead of the huge black bag. Weighed in at about 3.5kg!

Cleaning the beach is really sobering. It really reinforces the idea that we should not only bin our litter properly, but to REDUCE!!! our trash. 

I think the volunteer and cleaners' efforts over the weekend truly resulted in cleaner beaches :) Jiayou everyone! Shout out to my friends Hui Yi, Rachel and Ovidia who hit the beaches last weekend! 

Ending this post with a depressing photo of sliced turtle found on Changi beach. I think it was sliced open by a ship. I added a quote I found to the picture. Hope it encourages you in your green journey!

Go forth my fellow friends and guardians of the earth!


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead