Art Book: Lost in Reverie

Hey guys!

I found this gem in the library. It's a beautiful book with 'art and illustrations inspired by dreams', compiled by Victionary. The book has double sides - 'into the light' and 'into the dark'.


Lost in Reverie
Art and Illustration Inspired by Dreams
ISBN: 978-988-79727-2-5

Let's explore the light side first!

We enter a surreal dream world...

Evolution of the Tomorrow Island ,Acrylic on Canvas, Po-Hsun Huang

What We Have, Cherish and Memorise, Acrylic on Canvas, Po-Hsun Huang

The Childhood of Hercules, Guy Billout

Two Executives and Shadow, Guy Billout

'Voyage' and 'Dreamflowers', Phantasien

Flexible Passenger Ship, Guy Billout

Evening News, Guy Billout
An image that reflects the reality today. Russia has invaded Ukraine and the world watches on.

The Plastic Bloom, Vicki Ling

Now let's dip our toes into the dark side.

'Ladybugs' and 'Caterpillar', Ana Miminoshvili

Birch Tree, Ana Miminoshvili

'Jasmine' and 'Eyeballs' Ana Miminoshvili

Gender Definitions,Yiyi Wang

It's forlorn...

Dreams, Marie Muravski

Writer, Marie Muravski


Love Poems, Pei-Hsin Cho

'Bottom of an Atmosphere' and 'Whew', Tae Lee

But with a modern touch.

No More Sleep, Céline Ducrot

In Balance, Céline Ducrot


Communication, Marie Muravski

Execution Ground, Afa Annfa

and maybe horrifying. 

Losing Girl, Afa Annfa

But always, always, thought provoking and beautiful.

Open, Andrea Wan

Nightmare and Why We Met There, Bobby Leash

There are loads more rich, splendid images and artists featured in this book. Highly recommend it! It's a really stunning visual treat.