Shall I...?


It's Monday today and I forgot to blog yesterday...


I am thinking of blogging less to accommodate one of my other projects.

My main concern is my own energy level and amount of time I can dedicate to these new systems I want to build. 

Other than that, I thought about how people say we should specialise in something and focus on one skill - but hey, life is really difficult if you ONLY focus on one thing. I don't want to chase perfection, I want to chase expression.


I have decided to rely on coffee to make me extra productive. 🤣🤣🤣

I hope this will let me lead the full life I want to lead. To me, we only have one life (lol YOLO) and I want to make the best of it! I may not be successful in the strictest sense but at least I will create the best me and the best environment where I get to lead my ideal life! 

•·················in other news·················•

I finally started watching Street Dance Girls Fighter, the youth version of the wildly popular Korean TV dance survival program, Street Woman Fighter! I watch these episodes for free on Viu. 

Wow, never underestimate the power of teen energy. The exuberance is through the roof! I felt really moved and uplifted by the energy and fervour of these youth who have a strong passion for dance. It's such a great format really, to have the women dancers mentor the aspiring youth. They really helped paved the way and continue to do so. 

A (bad quality) screenshot that shows the insane energy in the studio!!!

Especially moving was the group Floor who specialised in lesser known genres like afro and dancehall. I can't imagine how inspiring it would be to see a crew that dance these styles and make it to the finals. it must have been super encouraging! I suppose this is what they mean by 'representation is important'. Role models really do inspire the next generation. 

There was a lot of screaming for their idols and tears after their performances. The pressure is high after all, with so many top girl crews from all over Korea participating in this cut-throat survival program. I really love their bravery and energy - I can't stress this enough because I feel like this fire is lacking from my own everyday life, and my circles. All of us have become subsumed into adult working life and the few who dare do different are always 'brave' to take a risk. It's sad but it's also practical - we gotta grind to pay the bills! 

In this show, all the girls are so brave, hardworking and dedicated. You can't fake this level of dancing without practicing for a long time! The girls also have crazy off the charts charisma and confidence. You wish you had that kinda confidence at their age! Amazing. 

I love the fire!!! It really inspires me to do better. 


Recently I also got to play basketball! I'm thrilled! I certainly missed it and getting to play it really brought on a huge wave of nostalgia. I hope to continue to enjoy these hobbies that bring me joy! I must defy all the negative, boring aspects that usually come with being an adult!!!!! 

Yeah. So today's post is more about a personal update! Talk to you guys soon!