march-ing on

Oops, I apologise for the cheesy blog title. I think I used to be more poetic when I had a Tumblr. Guess things just feel more formal here. 

Another personal update of thoughts and (mundane) stuff that happened recently~

I just ate two tangyuans (glutinous rice balls)! Whoever thought of this sticky chewy treat deserves a round of applause. 

My family used to eat 5 tangyuans each from the Chinatown brand. 
Nowadays we have just two rice balls each. A step towards a healthier lifestyle? Haha.

I still snack, of course. However, instead of eating the whole packet, I eat just 1 or 2 of the snack. (Or maybe just a handful.) ~Improvement~

My sister bought these:

Previously we tried the sea salt and lemon flavour which was pretty refreshing! These pale in comparison. Do not recommend. (Sour cream and onion and lightly peppered and salted flavours)


I've also been subscribing to so many vlogs. 

Here's my new find! Darling Desi has a strong Victorian vlog aesthetic. Think fancy tea cups, old-fashioned night dresses, beautiful wood furniture, paintings in gold frames. She even writes with a QUILL. The landscapes she shares are also breathtaking. 

The only downside of such an aesthetic is the incompatibility of modern items. For example, I found the scene where she took her vitamins really jarring because...these familiar plastic bottles don't 'belong' in that era. Haha 🤣

Nevertheless, we understand and we will continue to suspend our own beliefs and enjoy this imaginary world. 

Such dedication.  I take my hat off to all you creators! 

I'm gonna scoot now because I have some illustration stuff to work on! I hope you have a pleasant week ahead :)