Movie: The Danish Girl

Some thoughts about the new movie The Danish Girl directed by Tom Hooper.

THREE WORDS: Intense, delicate, sensitive

Danish artist Gerda paints her husband Einar, using him as a stand-in female model. The paintings become popular, while Einar starts to experiment with wearing female clothing and changing his appearance and mannerisms. He begins his struggle as 'Lili', a female trapped in a male's body. 
Eventually, Einar goes for the first sex reassignment surgery ever. This film is based on a novel.

What stood out for me was the movie's ability to capture such emotions and reactions for such a sensitive and complex issue. 

Major props to the amazing, sensitive performances from both actors Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander. They were truly a pleasure to watch.

I also love the twinkly smile of Eddie, his raw emotions, and Alicia's performance of a rather 'tomboy-ish', playful, and protective character. They complement each other well.

I also loved Amber Heard as a vivacious dancer. Loved her easy sensuality on screen, the casual laughs and amazing body language. 

Not my favourite shot, but still, so gorgeous.
Hans was also very pretty to look at- the hyper masculine man in the film.

Gotta love that slick back.

There are many delicate sequences in the film. It was moving, but not the tear-jerker type of movie... instead, I found myself biting my nails, hoping and praying for the best for Einar. 

I cannot even begin to imagine the struggles transgender people have to go through. It's not every day  that such a topic shows up on the big screen, and I am glad for it. 

I also liked how Gerda loved Einar/Lili so much despite it all. Despite being so confused, rejected, and hurt by it all, she stood by him. That's such an amazing love. Such a thoughtful, unselfish, steadfast love. #relationshipgoals?

Also, how the hell is Eddie so pretty no matter if he is Einar OR Lili? #life

Went into the cinema with zero expectations. Didn't watch the trailer, didn't read anything. 
It was such a great cinematic treat, though I go home feeling rather sad and mildly hopeful.

I hope that transgender people around the world will be able to find themselves, and find acceptance not only with themselves, but also hopefully from the people around them. Yes, the odds are stacked crazily high, but no matter what, you are you. You are loved. <3


Very beautiful. Can't disagree with the old European charm!

The mise en scenes were very romantic. I love how European homes looked like in the past, the paintings, the beautiful chaos of it all. Very timeless and classic. It wasn't as luxe and grand as in the movie Yves Saint Laurent by Lespert, but it is still a very pretty film indeed.

I just watched The Grand Budapest Hotel (read my post here) so the 'landscape' scenes cannot match up, but great tries nonetheless. Found the styles kind of inconsistent though.

The ending wasn't the best, but it was satisfying I guess. 

This film may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I really liked it. It's a moving picture and story. A story of struggle, acceptance, and most importantly, love. A very solemn 'Yes' from me.

Was very lucky to catch the movie premiere at Lido, thanks to Yan Ling! Thank you for a great night :)

The Danish Girl is showing in all theatres from 7 January 2016. #notsponsored #notatall LOL

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