BTS: Love Yourself X Give You Hell

Behind the scenes of our latest mash-up, Love Yourself x Gives You Hell!
Watch our video here:

So on a sunny day, we gathered on hill to begin our shoot...

It was my first time working on such a big collab project so I was really antsy!

I have only been videoing/recording myself on my own all this time, and I was definitely worried as hell. There were so many logistics, planning and etc to do!

But all is well when you have awesome people by your side. Anything is possible <3 So thankful for you guys.

Jackie, our director, working the camera
Working with tight corners

John, our sound guy :D
Jake, our producer, behind the camera :)
Dat purple bandana

Introducing the coolest Farhan (IG: @farhanshfie) on cajon, who also plays with Rendered 27, a pop R&B local band I TOTALLY DIG!!

Annnnnd Mr Daryl Bradley on guitar, check him out here (IG: @midnitefeels)! (Nowadays he sports a man-bun)

(Darly refused to be crazy with us)

It was also my first time sharing a huge bathroom mirror with guys LOLOL it was hilarious (while we deal with our hair & makeup)

And the beautiful Peggy, thank you for the amazing venue and help <3 Kisses xx
It was really fun doing this mashup...I'm so glad everything came together in the end! Such a blessing to have everyone on board <3 

You guys rock! 

Till next time my friends <3


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