Helloz friends how have you been!

Here are some updates:

1. So I made a new chinese x english mashup!

Check it out if you haven't:

I've tried very hard for this one. Chinese lyrics and pronunciation is not my strength. Mic was giving me problems and all and I spent a LOT of time trying to correct the background noise, but yeah. Well.

Was pretty depressed over it but regardless I released it anyways. Am over it and feeling much better now! I guess thick skin regenerates after a good night's sleep.

(Side monologue: sometimes people commend me just because I made an effort, but I think an effort is not enough. Standards are standards... and sometimes it's not the thought that counts lei. Not for what I try to make anyway. The end result really does matter, though each process I go through moulds me to become better. Ah well. And I know my best is pretty crappy now, which is kinda depressing but I promise to not give up, at least not for now. All of your encouragement really reaches me and motivates me to continue what I'm doing. <3 Thank you.)


2. Crashed Major Mynah's band jam sesh the other day! Thanks for letting me hang guyz.
It was really fun to help you guyz video too~~~ And hahaha I got a quick drum tutorial lesson from Farhan! Really happy cuz now I know a new drum pattern, to add to my repertoire of about 4-5 patterns (Thanks my original shifu Darren) HAHAHA

But it was really fun- I subbed Farhan after he left, (as the drummer) and it was totally lulz. One song was so intense my leg cramped (bad technique, see.) HAHA but so fun!!!! I've learnt that though you don't need shit sometimes, you just gotta fake it and be confident, especially when you're on something so loud like drums. Playing as a band is really a conversation between each instrument. I loveeeeee that, Everyone is kinda doing their own thing, but it comes together so wonderfully. *ugly cries*

Also got to play electric guitar for 2 songs (YOLO by The Strokes and Time Is Running Out by Muse) I've learnt! Thanks for letting me chap yi ka hahah I've never jammed on electric with friends and band before so............ this is big for me! MEMORIES HAHA <3 Fking blessed to have met you all!!! <3

Was pretty stressed out while trying to play electric though. Shit feels foreign when I don't play with my tele. Time to bring tehping out for a stroll then~ Gonna work hard and continue to do my best! :) Working on my EG repertoire :)

3. I'm a blessed, lucky bitch. Let me elaborate, though I'm sure I will come across as self-entitled. But  I guess that's okay I'm da Queen HAHAA. This is dedicated to mah lovely friends:

Thank you for humoring me <3
Thank you for coming out of your house and coming to meet me!
Thanks for making time for me!
Thanks for checking in :)
Thanks for letting me steal your food just cuz I whine a little.
Thanks for letting me annoy you HAHA
Thanks for helping me out without me asking, your kindness is something I'm not sure I deserve.
Thanks for sticking around, buddies.


Rest of mah life is usually on Snapchat or IG, or c'mon, just check in with me personally babes.