First Livestream & Don't Let Me Down (Mashup)


I did my first ever livestream video!

Been curious about it ever since watching some livestreams on FB. Usually by Karmin, Lu Guang Zhong, and short interview things by Rozz. I even downloaded Periscope so I could catch live perfs by musicians all over the world! But I didn't use it much cuz my Periscope doesn't work on wifi. T_T

It was pretty nervewrecking tbh. I just wanted to share my new song, Fear, which I wrote two days ago! Wasn't sure who was gonna turn up, but thanks for coming thru my friends. It's a little hard to multi-task but it was definitely a cool experience :)

Hope it was fun for you guys, or at least something new :) Hopefully there'll be more of these to come? :) With guest performers too!

If you want to watch the livestream: head over to my FB here:

Darly, Yazsar and I made a new mashup cover! You've definitely heard of The Chainsmokers before... they're the people behind the "Lemme take a selfie" song. LOL. And Roses too!

Been wanting to cover an EDM song, so here it is~~~

I was raging a fever on recording day, but I turned up anyway, cuz turning up is half the battle won right? #gehkiangqueen I emptied the water jug at Darly's. I think I drank like at least 3 litres of water that day.

Was feeling uber woozy the entire day, wouldn't have been shocked if I fainted on the streets :x My kid told me I looked pale and later asked me if fever was contagious. LULZ

First time working with Yazsar! He brought lots of new dimensions to the song- rap, harmonies and mashup!! Awesome man :D

Daryl worked really quickly and efficiently hahaha I was very impressed (and happy cuz I didn't need to edit anything HAHA. Like if I could get away with it, I wouldn't mix/edit on my own. Definitely cuz I lazy af.) Learnt a lot just by observing how he works too! Like... I really should start using the metronome though it can be annoying af.

Voice was a bit shot but I tried my best. (Plus I didn't faint!!!)

Videoing was hilarious. It was like already past midnight...and the first few takes were like stiff and awkward. HAHA Thanks to Wilfred (Darly's bro) for helping us out too!

Thankful for my lovelyyyy music making friends <3 <3 <3

Well, I've been sick and am still recovering. But next in the pipeline is...

-Recording 'Fear'
-Another livestream
-Writing/completing the other new songs (Yeah there are TWO)
-More collabs :)
-Short IG covers

Stay tuned! And thank you x12934723487 for being here and supporting me and my music :)