2017 Music Round-up!

2017 has been a fun year making collabs with friends! Explored new genres and styles, and though I was really busy with work, I'm glad that I found some time to make these videos :) Check them out and let me know which is your favourite?

1. Water Under The Bridge - Adele (Skye Soon x @wildmatcha)

2. Two Way Street (Skye Soon Cover)

3. 林俊杰 JJ 简简单单x记得Mashup - Skye Soon x Marcus Lee 李俊纬

4. #sgmashup 2017 - Skye Soon

5. Say Something (Skye Soon x Mark Yeo)

6. No Promises (Skye Soon x Brannlum)

7. Havana (Skye Soon Mashup)

What would you like to hear more of? Mashups, originals, or more collabs? Comment below :)