Skye Eats: Roast Paradise - Unforgettable Char Siew

July 11, 2017

We had no idea what was in store for us when we ordered this. I think we came for Lor Mee but it was sold out or closed, so we settled for this stall which was located just a few units away. 

Took a bite each and we looked at each other with wide surprise. Was not expecting much from this humble looking stall! I absolutely DIG this char siew. It's sweet, well-charred and just the right type of tender. Fatty, yet not jelak - in other words, it's very shiok.

We have since began recommending this place to our friends, and they always come back too. #influencers lol.

Yes,  there's a whole bunch of must-eat famous food to try from Old Airport food centre, but dude, sometimes you have to be less mainstream and try other food. Highly recommend this stall, I cannot forget my experience with this char siew lol. In four Chinese words, I would sum this up as 念念不忘。

Roast Paradise#01-121 Old Airport Road Food Centre(Near the famous Lor Mee)

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