Book: Life Hacks - Condensed

May 17, 2018

Recently chanced upon this useful book with 1000 life hacks! Gonna share some of the useful or interesting ones with you today.

Some of them are really funny (and suspicious really LOL)

If this works for you, leave a message below LOL

If you can't sleep:

Cuz we need to get the best ice cream:

Quick food tips!

6pc: $4.95 = 0.82 cts per piece
4pc: $5.20 happy meal - $2 corn, -  $2 small drink = 30 cts?! per piece
LOL ok this is just an estimation, but GOOD TO KNOW?!

More reasons to drink:

Life savers (that are good to know)


How often do we pass our expensive phones to complete strangers to take photos of us? In foreign countries?! Haha.

My mum taught me this! This works as a quick gauge if you're lazy like me and hate queuing for the fitting room.



I somehow doubt this...

For my health I think I need a cat RN.

Actually useful:


  • Starting a Bullet Journal.
    It's really fun and also helps me finish my tasks. I also love tracking habits and stuff and watch my progress bar grow! :D
  • I sprained my foot so that kept me off work for a couple of days.
  • Going to learn how to make hand drawn .gifs soon! Look out for them!
Thanks for reading :) Share a lifehack to save a life.

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