How I Read 100 Books in a Year

Hey guys!

I've been asked a lot on how I read so many books. So I thought I'll share them some of the things I do to achieve my bookworm goals.

1. Always carry a book with you.
I find that having a book with you at all times greatly enhances my trip, and therefore my mood. Also, this helps me curb my addiction to scrolling social media, and lets me feel more productive.

2. Download the NLB Mobile app, and enjoy ebooks online.
You should also download the Overdrive app, which is an ebook reader. NLB allows you to read epubs and borrow ebooks, but Overdrive bookmarks your pages, and lets you adjust font and lighting.

When your ebooks are due, they will just disappear. However, I suggest that you return them once you're done, as someone might be waiting for your copy!

For example, I'm placing a hold on Michelle Obama's book, which currently has 200 ebooks, but I'm number 2300 on the wait list. Luckily, I'm a patient person who does not mind waiting to read popular books! Just place a hold and you will receive an email notification when its your turn.

3. Place books near your bed.
If you're like me and like to laze around, having books within reach of your bed is a quick hack to encourage reading. I try to reduce my screen time before bed so I like to read before I sleep. Some people also mention that reading books lulls them to sleep (lol) so it's a win-win situation then, I think!

4. Find books you LIKE.
This is super important. I have many interests so I read anything from house plants to history to religion. I also scan potential books with Goodreads to see their ratings and reviews online. Usually I only read books that are 4 stars and above so I don't waste my time and emotions on a subpar story.

5. Chuck the book if you hate it.
Don't be afraid to stop halfway and quit the book if it's boring the hell out of you. You're stealing the potential pleasure you could be having if you were with another more interesting book!!!!

6. Lastly, don't forget to set goals.
I set my Goodreads Reading Challenge to an ambitious 100 books a year and try to hit my goal each year. I love the satisfaction of seeing numbers/lists completed, so maybe it will work for you too! Visit Goodreads here. P.S. Don't stress if you can't hit your goal. The goal is there to encourage you, not to make you feel crappy.

I guess one of the reasons why I read so much is because I truly do enjoy reading! Since it's one of my favourite activities to do, I habitually choose reading over watching shows or playing games. It's just a lifestyle choice for me :)

If you are looking to read more books in your hectic lifestyle,  I hope this helped out!