Valu$ VS ShengSiong - The Battle of KitKat Chunky

Ladies and gentlemen, today we have an exciting SHOWDOWN!!! of two bars of Chunky KitKat!

Valu$ : $0.60
ShengSiong: $1.80

I decided to do a comparison since the difference in price is three times! That potentially means that I can buy three times of chocolate if the Valu$ chocolate is of similar taste and quality. A worthy experiment 
to uptake right?

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a professional chocolate critic. 

Country of Origin
Valu$ : Turkey
ShengSiong: United Kingdom

Packaging wise, the 'Sustainably Sourced Cocoa' label was more evident on the UK one, though both had the 'Cocoa Plan' label. 

Valu$ : 38g
ShengSiong: 40g

Expiry Date:
Valu$: 30/04/2022
ShengSiong: 01/2022

Taste Test!

I tried the Valu$ chocolate first, then washed it down with some water before trying the ShengSiong one. 
Let's check out the cross section: 

The colours of the chocolate and wafer layers are visibly different.


Valu$ : Chocolate is darker in colour. Seems to be on the sweeter side.

ShengSiong: Chocolate is lighter in colour. Chocolate has an astringent aftertaste (in local terms, a bit siap!) I checked it out online and this is most likely due to the cocoa beans used.

The colour of the chocolate is also correctly reflected on their respective packaging. 


Valu$: At an acceptable level of crunch (sometimes you get soggy wafer biscuits)

Shengsiong: A good crisp and crunch! It also seems to have more layers!

For the casual KitKat consumer, the Valu$ chocolate is definitely value for money. That being said, sometimes chocolate from Valu$ can be a miss and you may end up with a soggy wafer (happened before to me). For a more fail safe option (prioritising the crunch) , purchasing KitKat from ShengSiong or other supermarkets may be preferred. 

From a scale of:
CNY coin chocolate being 1, packaged chocolate like Cadbury and Hershey being 5 and fresh, smooth, fancy chocolate from actual chocolatiers being 10,

Valu$: 4 (Due to a less satisfying crunch)
Shengsiong: 5

As for me, I'm willing to sacrifice a little wafer quality for a third of the price. How about you? Have you compared the quality of parallel imports? Do they really taste very different? Tell me your experience!

Love to my fellow Choco-addicts,