Illustration project: Tutu and Mochi

Hey friends! How's it going?

Last month I visited Adventure Cove at Sentosa and decided to illustrate it~ Went for a cute pastel crayon look.

Additional tips for your visit:
  • It's natural to want to go barefoot around the water park but it is a HUGE MISTAKE! 
    The park is covered with a painful pebble pavement, probably to prevent people from slipping and falling. We saw many people hobbling about though! It was heartbreaking to see tiny children screaming to their parents 'pain!'

    Worse, the afternoon sun BURNS up this pavement.The soles of my feet were really scorched and turned red. Does Sentosa know about this? Yes. Their solution? To get their staff to pour buckets of water on the ground while you queue. Does it work? Only if you're in the queueing area. Every other path without staff, you're subject to this hot, painful ground. Footwear is not allowed in the attractions, but there are shelves so you can deposit them before you go onto the ride. So wear your slippers around! Hope this helps!
  • Officially outside food is not allowed but due to Covid the restaurants in the park are all closed. Only kiosks selling hotdogs, nachos and the likes are available. 
More thoughts:
  • We got a peek at the dolphins and their trainers. These marine mammals were beautiful and strong, but they definitely do not belong in this tiny artificial space. We are definitely not supporting their dolphin activities. 
  • There is a snorkelling area which is a good controlled environment (compared to the open sea) for kids I suppose! We didn't care for it though. 
  • The turtles were wonderful but also had red painted numbers on their shells (so staff can keep track of them? Uhhh)
  • Electronic lockers are pretty nice and fuss free! They cost $10 for a small locker and $20 for a big one though. At Wild Wild Wet you have to tie a tag around your wrist. 

That's all from me! It was my first time at the water park and I did enjoy myself (enough to make this comic, lol). For more illustrations, check out my IG account @chubbycat88.