life update ⬦

Oooo I have not posted here anything in ages!

What I have been busy with:

  • work, as usual
  • being mired in a semi-mental breakdown
  • trying to be productive

I wanna share two ~slow~ vlogs with you guys! I super love these videos and aspire to lead such a sloooow, peaceful and enjoyable life.

The first one is a slow day preparing a bento set, drinking tea, etc. I love how everything looks so nice and cosy~

Imagine having a hearty bento meal from a wooden bento box! How warm~

And look at this! What a beautiful tea pot! They also use this pretty leaf shaped filter since the pot doesn't have a tea leaf filter.

The second one features an English countryside vibe (it's actually in US near the Hudson river). There are horses, ducks, a cutie pig and other farm animals! Hiking, forests, vinyl, coffee pouring, dancing, etc. Love it.

Is this a dream???

Art wise I borrowed a How to Draw book and have attempted realistic sketching for the first time ever! The world really opens up when you put your heart to studying something. Now I know a little more about light and shadows though I can't execute them well. It's fun though crazy challenging! I post my sketches as stories on my art IG (chubbycat88).

There are tons of things I want to draw/design but there's a huge gap between my skills and my ideal image! I know this was take time so I will just be patient and try to catch up. 

a sketch of my palm

Also big shout out to my understanding friends who have been checking in and giving me support through this loooow time of mine. It really reminds me of all the other low times I had when I was younger. Same old same old patterns of wanting to retreat and hide from the world. However, it just seems so terrible this time because I have not felt like this in AGES.  Hope it passes as December is usually the month I enjoy the most. 

The end of the year is a also a time for reflection. Been doing some of these journalling prompts from Leah's field notes.

Doing this every day is too much of a commitment for me but I try to keep them in mind. Maybe I'll try answering one or two a day. 

These are useful in trying to streamline processes though and maybe speed up the process to be who you wanna be! I should definitely journal more! I have to resist the idea of getting more notebooks though! XD

I've also done a time audit and figure out how much 'free time' I had.

First I calculated my work hours and time spent travelling.
I estimated about 2h for all my meals, 1h for all grooming activities (shower, toilet, brushing teeth, flossing etc). And of course, about 8h for sleep (1/3 of the day).

We have only a couple of hours left for whatever! But it's a scattered few hours throughout the day, so I have to find a way to be more efficient with them. Every day is truly a war of energy v.s. time. 

I hope to spend my few 'me-hours' for more creation (art, music, writing, connection). Things that can be obstacles:
  • exhaustion (feeling physically tired)
  • laziness (feeling unmotivated)
  • chores (actual things that need to be done around the house, paper admin work)
  • distraction (YouTube, IG, 5min turned 2h of Genshin)
Some days I'm all pumped up and others I just flop around and sulk or whine a lot. Well I hope I make the best of what's left of 2021 though! Going to make some wrap-up posts soon! (100 Books, art vs artist etc). Looking back at some of my old posts and creations can be crazy cringe-y, but I think everything made me into what I am today...I guess. XD 

Ahh, I've missed blogging! I'll be back here more often. Again, my blog sometimes becomes more personal while at times I want to be more 'commercial'. Lol. Sorry for the chameleon changes, I can never stick to one style.