Lime House East Coast

We had a fancy dinner the other night to mark a special occasion!

Headed to Katong's branch of Lime, restaurant serving Carribean fare. The other branch is at Keong Saik.

Fried red snapper in a soft taco with homemade mango chutney & spices. 

This was a really yummy appetiser! We were pretty surprised by the spices - they are really reminiscent of Indian cuisine. 

Jerk Chicken Skewers (Jamaica) ($10)
Chargrilled jerk chicken tenders topped with a tangy pineapple salsa.
Really tasty too! We are enjoying all the exciting flavours so far.

Spicy Shrimp (Pan-Caribbean) $18 
Pan-seared fresh prawns with habanero, topped with warm salsa on a plantain coracle.

Sorry no more pics from here cuz we were too busy tucking in!
This is our favourite dish! Four plump shrimps in a flavour that was very much to our tastes~ They sat on top of crispy plantains. (Have you tried one before? My impression of them is a cross between a banana and a potato.)

Granny's Stew (Trini & Tobago) $26 
Slow cooked chicken in a blend of Caribbean herbs & spices served with market vegetables and rice 'n' peas.

Hmm this stew was rather underwhelming and was more like a curry to me. The rice is spiced with some cinnamon (?) as well.

There was also a ton of drinks. We got the Lime House Punch with their Happy Hour. Most of their signatures include rum, though they also have an extensive menu including wine and other spirits. 

Our meal came up to about $100, with a CHOPE $10 voucher so about $90ish?

It was a fun culinary adventure for us though and a refreshing change from our usual fare. I liked that they offered food from different regions too! 

Lime House
47-49 East Coast Road
Singapore 428768