Hello, World!

Hi guys! A very warm welcome to my new blog, skyesoon.com! WOOHOOO! *Confetti*

If you don't know who I am, no worries. Check out my Intro page here!

So, why am I here? I just celebrated the sixth birthday of my Tumblr (speciallyi.tumblr.com), and at the age of 22, I decided that perhaps it was time to grow up a little and have a more coherent blog.

Here are some milestones of my blogging journey!

In primary school, when Yahoo was quite the in thing, I built my own site with Geocities. It had a cool cursor and a guestbook for friends to sign and all. I think it was called 'Bubble Pop' or something like that. Hahaha.

In secondary school, I moved to Blogger and blogged daily about my life. Tons of teenage angst, happenings in school, some existential questions and of course, a tagboard and links to my friends' blogs. This was where I learnt about image hosting, blogskins and how to work with simple html.

Halfway through secondary school I was introduced to Tumblr by one of favourite YouTube artists Gabe Bondoc, and started running a couple of Tumblr blogs. I shut down my Blogger hosted blogs (including some photo ones) and started reblogging a lot. I was a complete Tumblr addict. I loved that it was so easy to share awesome things, while not talking so much about yourself (of course, I still did.) Tumblr was so magical to me. So every day after school, you could find me on Tumblr. It was a blessing? that most of my friends did not use it then too. Perfect place to chill out.

I was so surgically attached to it. Meanwhile I also ran a few Tumblrs like cakelove.tumblr.com and bentoboxlove.tumblr.com where I gathered and created content. These are still occasionally active, and I post sporadically. Later I started a small music Tumblr too, called singingjay.tumblr.com (yeah, like mockingjay. Hunger Games related eh). This was where I shared YouTube covers I liked!

Now, I think I'm done with all the emo, short spurts of blogging and ready to move on!

So here I am.

What is SkyeSoon.com gonna be about? Well, I intend to continue the honesty and tone like my Tumblr, and I will be blogging about observations and other adventures in life. Time to put my sociology skills into use huh...

So... am I a legit Blogger now?

Well, I see myself more of a 'writer'. The term 'blogger' nowadays can mean many things. In Singapore, the classic Blogger does ad placements, receives sponsorships, reviews and all that. And they're usually quite high profile haha. I mean not every blogger does that, but it's the general sense I get when we talk about 'bloggers'.  Anybody can call themselves a blogger, or a writer really. It's fine. You can be anything you like. *shrugs*

At first I was quite ehhh about creating a legit 'Blog' with a domain name. I told myself I wasn't pretty enough or disciplined enough to be a Blogger than constantly reviewed products etc. But then today I had a talk with Siew Eng and we had lots of ideas! I am currently at a point of my life where I could still experiment and explore how I want to lead my life, and this is a project I am passionate about as well.

I have been blogging so much in my life, why shouldn't I continue to do it? The difference between this blog and the Tumblr one would be:

1. I create more original content, instead of reblogging and sharing things I've found. This forces me to exercise my brain more too.

2. I am (hopefully) less self-centred and write better here.
3. I can reach more people and start a community because I'm finally taking the focus off of me! More useful insights, less emo ranting. Sounds good?

Alright, I'll stop here now, but I'll post really soon!