Movie: Paper Towns

Paper Towns! AKA the new John Green book-to-movie.

What's it about: Young Quentin falls in love with his neighbour, the mysterious and cool rebel Margo. They drift apart. Fast forward to the end of high school, when Margo suddenly enters his life again. Cue adventure and teen romance. Ba dump ba dump.

What I liked:
Quentin's trio friendship with Bloody Ben and Radar. The whole thing about ending school and not being able to hang out with your friends can definitely hit you in the feels (especially if you just graduated). 

Seriously? It must suck x1000 when everyone leaves the hometown and scatter across the country (US, not a tiny country like ours.)

Quentin reminds me of Zachary Levi x Michael Cera, both actors whom I like. Haha.

Quentin, aka 'Q'
Meanwhile, I'm divided on whether I find Margo (ie model slash actress slash etc etc etc multi-talented young lady Cara Delevigne homg she is a 1992 baby) pretty or not. She's definitely not the run of the mill pretty girl type, but I can't decide if I like looking at her face?!?!?! /CONFUSED

I swear it's the eyebrows. But that is like her trademark look.

At some angles she felt like Emma Watson (red dress scene), while the younger self and at some angles she felt like Lindsay Lohan to me (I miss your movies, Lindsay!!!)

Young Margo, already fierce. Haha.
But that said I think she's a great choice for playing Margo, who is an unconventional person in the story. She does has a special 'something'.

The night scenes/ie. the revenge plots remind me of my youth and havoc nights. Such. Fun. Times. X) I miss the feeling of having the world at our fingertips. I miss when the world was asleep and it was just us.

Rather different from the book, but lol ok movie adaptation with an ending that I am somewhat... okay with. I don't feel very cheated or whatever. And though Margo is a hella selfish character, the rest of the bunch are great friends and such loyal buddies. Quentin's steadfast love is also very mindblowing, but I enjoyed watching his starry eyes when he's dumbstruck in love. Haha.

Out of all the John Greens I've read (Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, and Paper Towns), Paper Towns is probably my favourite, so not much complains la. Haha. This is not a sob sob emo type of movie like FIOS so you can save your tissues.

Soundtrack: I didn't recognise a thing, but it was very indie folk. Yanling heard Vance Joy. 
Haha. I just googled and found that Vampire Weekend, HAIM and Grouplove are part of this chillax summer soundtrack.

To watch or not?: If you liked FIOS I guess you might like this. The John Green style of narrative will probably still appeal to you, even if you did not read the book. P.S. There's a surprising and fun cameo in between :D

It's an okay? okay? OKAY-ish movie. Not especially ARGH ARGH SO DAMN AWESOME (ie. maybe... Kingsman) but more of like an "awwwh okay" kind of movie, ya get me?!?! (Such coherence. Much understand.)

I made you a meme, cuz, lol.

Looking forward to other teen indie films like Me & Earl & The Dying Girl (trailer I just saw today at the cinema).

(Gifs & Pics ripped from Google and Tumblr.)


  1. Ah I remember seeing on Vance's channel now...

    And apparently I heard this Bon Iver - Re: Stacks but its not in the soundtrack

    ANDDD it wasn't Allman Brown in the trailer, it was Mikky Ekko!