Skye Eats: Ondeh Ondeh Pancakes, Shibuya Toast & Macarons!

First up, we have Ondeh Ondeh Pancakes from the cafe Collective Brewers (near Eunos MRT).

This stuff is rather pricey ($14), but it's quite shiok la. Haha. Just nice for two people, great for sweet tooths. The gula melaka coconut shavings GAO GAO I really liked that. The ice cream was just plain enough to set off the sweetness too. That's Kai Lin's cold drip coffee in the background- I sadly can't really appreciate coffee so I won't comment. Haha.

I keep seeing Ondeh Ondeh cupcakes/pastry etc around so I'm definitely gonna go try them out. Much love to ondeh ondeh <3 Just the other day I spotted a Durian Liu Sha Bao- stay tuned for that bros.

Next up, we have the Strawberry & Chocolate Shibuya Toast from Loaves Me. This Thai restaurant/cafe is located at SMU/Bras Basah Exit B).

This Shibuya Toast may not be the most authentic, but it might be one of the cheapest in SG so far?! The usual price is $15 ~~~ $20 siols (but their cubes are bigger, + more ice cream). But at a more reasonable $6.50, the size is just nice for two. There's a cheese flavour & some hazelnut chocolate/banana one too.

Lee lee taking a better photo of the cube, I'm sure :) I enjoyed this! Pop by this cafe for a quick bite. We didn't bother trying the Thai dishes though haha.

Lastly! I finally got to try macarons from Sinfulcakes! I follow quite a lot of food/pastry Instagrams and I think this was recommended to me by Instagram's Explore or something like that? But anyway Raimy makes these halal macarons that are HELLA CUTE:

(Pictures from sinfulcake's instagram)

I think Raimy doesn't really take orders anymore due to overwhelming demand, but he's sometimes at fleas or has some kinda bake sale promo going on! I've been following him for a while so when he posted a $14 for 20 macarons 9 Aug deal, IM LIKE ONZZZZ.

Been craving for home made macarons ever since I got to eat MCM's matcha macarons & also my tutee's macarons. The ones that I eat outside always seem very stale, but these homemade ones always taste yummy~~~!

SO HOLLAAA! Much love for sugar.