As some of you might know, I have been trying to record #fields since last year. Yesterday, I had some free time on my hands so I re-recorded the whole thing!

The video though. LOL. Took some footage whenever I saw pretty flowers or when I had a long bus journey. Should have tried to take footage in Japan but I didn't have the foresight. Sighs.

The promo picture was taken 2 years ago by my friend, Lee Si Min! Major props :)

Response was also encouraging during my gigs (yes, thanks for giving me valuable feedback) so I had even more motivation to finally record this for real!

Fields is a song about going to a secret, chill place with good vibes all around. In my head it sounds even more full and lush with a bass, violin and drums. Vocally I hope the chorus will sound even better when I train my voice. Haha.

Fields is also a song I'm proud of (currently) because it's such a big break away from my previous songs like Just Another Girl and Death by Sea. So yay that! The breakway from my fave Em chord progressions, LOL. Very thankful for the inspiration and visible growth.

So, the song for fields came to me one day when I was just messing about with my acoustic guitar Feizai. I had this imagery in my mind- lush, golden wheat fields, a running landscape (cuz you're on a train). It started with a simple riff. "How did it become a 4min song?!" said Dorisa.

Later I added bells and whistles to the song, and after letting some friends hear it, the comments were like "it's trying too hard".

So I stripped it down again and kept things simple this time, not even harmonising the chorus. But I added bells for a nice whimsical touch! The bells are a present from my mother for my birthday last year. I'm such an instrument hoarder.

I also added some bird, water and nature sounds because.... it was fun. HAHA

Even tried to put some violin in it, but the tune in mind made the song sound incredibly sad. And the sounds make me want to learn how to play viola! Haha. Dat rich and sorrowful sound.

Already working on the next new song, can't wait for it to develop its own story. It currently has loose bass lines and riffs, with zero lyrics and a rough concept of...different/parallel worlds. Yeah lol that's all I write about, huh. Won't be doing gigs for a while because I want to focus on making new songs to get enough good material for a potential album and record new covers.

Cheers and thank you for supporting my music! :)

Check out the lyrics here!