Movies: Goosebumps, Gravity, Burnt, Enders Game, Attack on Titan, Room

Watched a whole bunch of movies over the CNY break, so here's a special 6 pack edition of movie afterthoughts from yours truly.


What's it about: Loosely based on the books written by R.L.Stine, this is an action/horror flick.
Teenager Zach moves into a new town, and meets pretty neighbour Hannah. He also meets her fierce, stand-offish dad, whom Zach suspects abuses her. Things happen as Zach tries to rescue her- but instead let out monsters from the books! Zombies, ghosts, werewolves and more strange creatures flood the town as they try to put them back where they belong.

Thoughts: I've never read RL Stine due to the genre of his books (yes, I'm a scaredy cat), but I think nostalgia would fail. Predictable plot, average performances borderlining on flat. Also, annoying sidekick!!!  6/10 :(

Trigger warning: Do NOT watch if you do not like dolls/mannequins (that come alive). You'll get nightmares of the scary doll 'Slappy', who is the main antagonist of the movie. He's also very scary because he doesn't even move like a normal doll would (ie. walking.) He just... appears. FML ahha #tmi?

Watch? Well, it was okay, though I was mostly unimpressed by it. On the other hand, my sister watched this in the cinema and enjoyed it. /shrugs Haha but I would say give it a miss.


What's it about: Sandra Bullock, aka Ryan, and George Clooney get hit by debris in space while on a repair mission. The movie mostly focuses on how Sandra tries to survive in space and get back to Earth.

Thoughts: Heard a lot of good reviews about this, so I had high expectations, and we all know what happens when you have high expectations. Well, Sandra Bullock's performance was great and moving, but the storyline is rather meh when you have been watching films like The Martian and Interstellar. Visually though, it would have been amazing if I watched it in the 3D omni-theatre for a full immersive experience? Hmm.

Watch? Eh. 7/10, but wouldn't recommend, even if you like space movies. Like the director said, it's less sci-fi and more about a drama about a woman struggling to survive in space. (Apparently the movie took 4.5 years to make, and was hard to make because of all the space sequences, but I give my comments based on what I saw on screen, not what I know beforehand.)

Ender's Game 

I've read this book, so I wanted to see it on screen.

What's it about: In a future world, young kids are trained for war in space, against the 'Formics', an insect alien race that once tried to invade Earth. Ender Wiggin, the main character, is a young boy who is set to lead mankind in this war. The movie follows his training journey. Also stars Harrison Ford (who acts as Han Solo in Star Wars) as Colonel.

Read the book instead. Or read, then watch. No loss not watching the movie, in my harsh opinion.
I feel that if you have not read the book, you would have missed out a lot of the backstory/details. The 'battle' sequences are also more exciting in the book (in my opinion of course.)
Props for a fine performance by the young actor though! And also, is that Hailee Steinfield? (Yes, btw).

DO NOT WATCH if you hate cliffhanger/uncompleted movies. This seems to be set for a trilogy or sorts but honestly I think with the lukewarm reception it would end up like the Percy Jackson,Alex Rider and I Am Number Four series (aka discontinued).

Meanwhile, you could probably watch it if you've read the book, but I still wouldn't highly recommend it. Read the book, written in 1985 by Orson Scott Card instead! 7/10


What's it about: 2 Star Michelin bad boy chef Adam Jones screws up his life and restaurant when he goes overboard with drugs and drinking. Years later, he starts up a new restaurant, aiming for the coveted 3 stars. Stuff happens as he begins his climb back up.

Thoughts: Pretty actors, glorious shots of food, friendship, betrayal, kitchen violence, and did I mention food? Yeah, the love story and plot can be predictable but I enjoyed this movie nonetheless!

Watch? Out of the six movies here, yes. Easily digestible movie. 7/10 (Also, Uma Thurman.)

Attack on Titan (2)

What's it about: Well, creepy giants invade a kingdom that has been walled up for centuries. (Understatement of the year? Haha.)  Eren and gang try to protect their city, but unearth can after can of worms.

Well, I believe I have already griped about the absence of Levi just like any sane AoT fan would do. But after watching the movie I can understand why they took him out (probably because a movie is limited in its ways)

I have loads of complaints about serious plot holes and character modifications (I mean, hello, what did you do to Mikasa, our beloved heroine?)

If you've read the manga or watched the anime, you would watch this anyway. As a casual film goer though without consuming either the manga/anime beforehand, you might find the movies lame. The fight scenes left me laughing, I was so amused.

Performances wise: Ugh, ugh, ugh. Very wooden, caricature like performances from the actors (I have a major gripe for what they did with Hange!!!). I get that it is hard to put the entire storyline, with its complexities and plot twists, AND make the movie ready for consumption for the general public, but hey, you took things kind of far. Not really a great attempt at interpreting and expressing the AoT story, and the struggle of humanity, at all. Feels like a cheap shot! I mostly feel cheated and do not feel that the movie did the story justice.

Disappointing, really. (Though yeah, as an AoT fan you would watch it anyway.) (And okay, honestly the original story was probably too depressing to be on big screens maybe? Ugh though book to movie integrity hey!)

Just treat this movie like a spin-off series and all is fine. When you don't take things seriously everything is great. 7/10 because I enjoyed it anyway.

Watch? Recommend you to watch 1 & 2 together! Maybe it would be more pleasant for you if you watched, than read.


I've read this dark book by Emma Donoghuemany years ago. It was a very intense, haunting tale.

What's it about: A teenage girl gets kidnapped and is held captive for seven years in a shed she calls 'Room'. The movie follows the story of how she escaped 'Old Nick' with her 5 year old son, Jack.

Thoughts: Great, intense performance by both Brie Larson (Yay, Envy from Scott Pilgrim) and charming young actor Jacob Tremblay. The movie was decidedly less tragic and even uplifting, as compared to the book. It wasn't as intense or traumatic as I thought it would be. In the book, things were rather dark and you were left feeling very...fearful for Joy (the kidnapped girl). Very emotionally intense. Not sure they captured this on screen, or even had the intent to do so. Nevertheless this was still a beautiful movie. While I felt more for Joy in the book, I'm more on Jack's side in the movie.

And also, I hate all these creepy hell kidnappers T_T (re: The Lovely Bones)

Watch? Read, then watch. 7.5/10

That's all folks! Comment below to recc some flicks :) Have a great week ahead.