Colourful Trip to Rocher Centre!

^ A very literal blogpost title.

Headed down to Rocher Centre with Si Min today. IT WAS FUN! The weather wasn't too bad.

They're the colourful flats located near Bugis MRT, just opposite Sim Lim Tower. If you come out from Bugis Junction you should spot the green flats already. Just walk towards that LOL.

You can take the lift or climb the stairs up to the 4th level.

Rocher Centre is gonna be torn down to make way for an express way soon, so.... do check it out!

It's a cool place, with a large playground, BBQ pits, large free spaces and etc. Though the residents are probably annoyed that soooo many photographers come around and take pictures of their laundry.

A little sad that the place is going to be gone, but I hope people will go visit it, document it, and maybe make films about it, just like what they did for the Dakota neighbourhood.

I didn't take many photos, but here are some?!!?! 

Well, I'm not a super avid photographer, but I do enjoy taking photos! A (very) casual hobbyist perhaps? :) Cheers, hope you like.

I actually ended up taking a lot of photos of birds, but they didn't turn out great.

And these are from Si Min :) Love the pair shots, so fun!!


Lastly, you can also spot Sim Lim Tower from the colourful flats area. I luv!!!

If you have a chance to, do check it out! :)