SKYE SHOTS: Little India, People's Park Complex, Rocher Centre

Hey friends, what's up? Hope you're doing good!

Wenx and I visited three places in Singapore on our photo trip today!

Here are some shots from our combined cameras (but mostly from Wenxin). Hope you like! :)

Rocher Centre

Things we said while taking this shot: "HA HA HA WENXIN YOU'RE SO FUNNY"

Did you know we had a 2nd local stamp featuring the rocher centre flats? Cool huh :)

Levitation 101

Little India, Kerbau Road
Check out the colourful shophouses here! The streets have plenty of character too. 

CAUTION: tempting tandoori and absolutely delicious curry smells will hit you straight in the nose here, so either 1. eat first or 2. eat there! NOMMMMS

This was taken at the exterior of the Tan Teng Nia villa. The walls will definitely add a pop of fun to your pictures! Doesn't feel like Singapore anymore, does it? :)


People's Park Complex
(Chinatown MRT. To get to the rooftop, find the lift and go to the 5th floor, then climb a flight of stairs up! Alternatively, look for directions to the cafe/pub Le Park.)

We found a new (tasty) prop.

This is me being grumpy after lunch cuz I was feeling a little sleepy. HAHA

Oh watermelon, you're so funny! (see: women laughing at salads)

Levitation queen!!!
 Heheh, We had loads of fun :) Cheers and till next time <3


  1. your photos are all really nice!! I love the mirror one.

    1. Hey Stella!!! Thanks :) Major props to my friend and her camera actually! Glad you like them!