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Hi friends!

Nope, I'm not dead, just been busy! In a blink of an eye, November flew by and now we're in December, my favourite month of the year!

Co Hai Banh Mi 
(Beach Road / Nicoll Highway MRT)

Enjoyed this hearty Co Hai Baguette and super powerful Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk on a rainy day.

We also had Vermicelli w BBQ pork! Refreshing bowl hehe. I loooove Viet bbq meat.

Kki Sweets

Our visit was made extra special because Jeanette Aw was right beside us :O There were also Taiwanese taitai YouTubers? seated opposite us. The ambience is very much relaxed and perfect for a girly chat over tea and cakes.

You have to make a booking ahead of time. This includes your cake orders. We had the Koide and J, two very popular flavours.

The cakes were more of the mousse variety rather than of cream and sponge. 

I loved the textures of 'J, the flower pot, which had a nice crunchy surprise~ Of course, it is also very beautiful.

Koide was gorgeous, fruity, and flirty. Fun flavours to enjoy!

We had a fun time sipping tea and having fancy cakes. It was a delightful experience for the palate. 

Chubbycat88 Updates

Chubbycat has been very busy! 

To be really honest, making any kind of art, music, illustration or dance etc really requires you to put yourself out there and be vulnerable. Many of the (cute aesthetic) artists on IG seem rather young and oozing with talent, and I think one way I get rid of any doubts is to really just keep it real and be thick skinned. Obviously there are tens of thousands of people out there with arguably better art, but I'm the only one doing art by me. So I'll keep that close to my heart and keep going on.

With every illustration I find myself learning new things about software, drawing and about myself. I'll challenge myself and see how far we can go! 

I joined a #DTIYS (Do This In Your Style) challenge and got to draw souffle pancakes. It really is a joy to combine two hobbies into one (food and cute things).

We've also hit our first 100 followers milestone! It has only been a week. :') Very grateful especially for friends who have been supporting the Christmas Postcards sale!

We are also now live on Shopee and Carousell!

Hahaha it's been really fun so far. A little bit stressful but we must take the bitter with the sweet. Wishing you a wonderful month to close the year!