Pint and Dine 🍰


It's been a while since we visited a cafe, and what more a newly opened one! Their grand opening was just two weeks ago. Thanks to my BF who found this place heehee.

We checked out Pint and Dine, in Kensington Square near Bartley MRT station. I have never been to Kensington Square haha! It's a small quiet building surrounded by private estates offering a mix of shops and services like infant care, a cake mould shop, bakeries, a bar, and pet services.

They have a nice and stylish space, all ready for Christmas! The black chairs were sleek and more importantly, comfortable. 

Enter the desserts!

This was a massive slice of Chocolate Truffle Cake with Salted Caramel! It's super tall and can be shared among 2-3 people haha. The caramel was luscious, and the cake was just moist enough. I have to say I prefer hearty cakes like these rather than mousse types like from Kki Sweets :X

Here's a close up after we demolished most of the cake haha. I love the crunchy rice/chocolate balls.  

The other desserts on display were a Honey Yuzu Cake, and a Lemon Meringue Tart. Maybe next time?

We ordered this Banana Walnut Crumble with Premium Vanilla Bean Gelato ($11.50)

I loved the crumbly crust! The premium vanilla gelato however really stole the show. I want a whole tub of it to myself. So smooth, milky and rich. 

Lastly, we ordered this plate of Curly Fries ($8). We were very pleased with it especially since it was ~free~. I posted a IG story for them as part of their promo to receive it. Gladly did so! xD

It's a massive plate but we managed to finish it. It ended up being our dinner lmao. You know how curly fries are usually very salty, a la Macdonalds? These were just nice, and not to mention, plenty crunchy! Great sharing plate for sure. I love how they had a special crescent moon bowl to encourage more photo taking opportunities. Smart.

They accept Cash and PayNow, but not credit cards. Seems like we are gonna be a digital nation! 

Special mention: friendly owners and a playlist that is more of my generation lmao (like Give Me Everything by Pitbull ft.Neyo. You know the song: Grab somebody sexy, tell them hey!)

It's a nice space to catch up with friends for desserts or for a nice cafe date. They also serve dishes like pasta but we haven't tried those haha.

Pint and Dine, we wish you all the best! 

Pint and Dine
Kensington Square, 
2 Jln Lokam  
Singapore 537846 



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