Tea Time: Monogram Tea


Well, well! It has been the longest time before I did a Tea Time post.

Monogram Tea is by the Gryphon Tea company, I'm sure you've heard of them. The tagline for Monogram is 'The Art of Tea Layering'.

Here are their 'creatively curated' flavours. 

I have three sachets, Morning English, Shiso Mint, and Saffronais.

Morning English
Assam black tea with gentle notes of tobacco and stone fruits. 
Taste: A lighter English Breakfast tea.
Layer Suggestion: Shiso Mint, Rose of Ariana

Layer meaning put two tea bags into one pot! 
Layer Taste: Tea develops into something more complex. You end up having your Morning English with a fresh, minty aftertaste. I... like it!

Shiso Mint
Arabian Mint with Japanese Shiso. Fresh and minty and smells like, well, sweet toothpaste.

An interesting brew of Spanish Saffron, Tibet Safflower and Bamboo leaves.

The tea does smell like honey!

Layer Suggestion: Uji Sencha, Cherry Japonais, Jasmine Silk Pearls, Milky Oolong, Lapsang Florale, Kashmere

I have none of these so I just drank it as it is. This is a herbs kind of tea, a tisane. Not a big fan of tisanes really. The honey undertones were interesting to me though. 

Till next time,