:.Jan 2021.:

Cover pic by Si Min!

Heya friends,

How has your January been? Mine was pretty hectic as I try to lead a 'full life'. It does not help that sometimes my response to being busy is to be even busier. Very counter-intuitive. It's the mindset of 'I can fit this in and make this a full day'. Kinda crazy but I guess adrenaline pulls me along, and finally at night all my batteries are dead and I am ~wasted~.

Wins in January!!

  • Exercised every day without fail. (Workout, running, cycling, yoga, swimming) That's 31/365!
  • Encouraged my friends to exercise too!
  • Read 6 books, mostly nonfiction. 
  • Wrote and posted one song 'Lean On Me'
  • Went out socially 5 times. 
  • Kiddo's work was published in a magazine!
  • Did FutureLearn course 'Supporting and Engaging People with Autism'
Weekends are my pitfalls. This is when I tend to meet friends and go out with family, and this often results in a big meal which really messes up my diet. Aigoo.

Our clay works are finally ready for collection! Here are our cups and plates from our session at 3arts. I love the glaze and colours! Very pretty Japanese style.

♡ Harvested my one and only lady finger from the NEA seeds.

Baby on 3 Jan:

Not so baby anymore on 22 Jan. 

Taking out the seeds to grow more! 

♡ Spotted this door at CHJIMES, known as the Gate of Hope. It's where people abandoned babies and children. The kind sisters of the CHIJ convent took these poor orphans under their wing. 

♡  KBBQ with my softball pals!

♡ Fave prawn mee from Old Airport ! and a little simple celebration for my dear friend Eli!

♡  Beautiful bamboo orchids on our cycling trip around the North Eastern Riverine Loop!

♡  Cafe date with mummy Jess!

♡ Yoga with my instructor friend, Lydia!

♡ Some of my friend Hui Yi's (@plantoleafwell) beautiful plants.

♡ Cafe date and picnic with LSM and Cha :)
Photos from Leelee!

♡ Shots from late night public transport travelling.

♡ I won a giveaway from NLB and headed down to the main branch at Bugis to collect my prize, which turned out to be unexpectedly cute!

Special limited edition NLB enamel pins. I love them! XD Bookworm for life.

Spotted this book too.

♡ At the end of the month, I was inevitably exhausted and uninspired. Just being in the library surrounded by so many books really recharged and excited me, so I went down again when I had time so that I could have a look at the big books! By big books, I mean these huge picture books that weigh a ton and do not fit in backpacks. Basically, books that are super unwieldy and difficult to bring home. (Much like the HDB Homes book that weighed maybe 7kg.)

Had fun with a book of Japanese Souvenir Packaging. Don't you think things look so pleasing when they're arranged in a set? I love the bold strokes of these designs.

I love how he affixes stamps to his travel sketches.

Beautiful curvatures.

And his weapon of choice? A uni-ball black pen! And a set of colour pencils, and travel watercolor kit. Cool.

I enjoyed the stories too. These books left me in a hearty mood. They inspire me to look for beauty and create things just for the fun of it!

There were loads more books that were obviously a labour of love by their authors. A huge tome of rings, their design and histories spanning over decades, for example. Books like these, you know, are fuelled by passion and zest.

Here's a funny little book to end off the post. 

Hope you guys have a fruitful and wonderful February ahead! The festivities sure help to add some shine onto monotonous days.