All I needed...

Remember I was feeling terribly out of it and 100% sian? Well, I found out how to get rid of it!!!

Turns out the solution is easier than I thought.

All I needed...was a little human connection and some fresh air. 

Simple but it worked. Lol.

Finally stepped out of the house for work and to run errands. Smiles just look different up close versus on a screen! Here's a smile for you, btw :)

I also had my first meal outside - mee pok dry. Lol. Bought snacks from Daiso and the Korean mart. Say yay to Barley Tea! (Is $6ish normal for 30 sachets?)

Every shopkeeper I met was very warm and friendly too - looks like I'm not the only human feeling happy to see other (weak ties) humans? Haha. Even the bus drivers seem nicer. 

In the recent years I thought I had become more of an INFP instead of my original ENFP. I guess I'm more of an ENFP after all! It was so incredibly nice to go out to work and meet people face to face. 

Just a thought. You know how generally introverts are said to prefer having just a few close friends? Well, speaking from an "extrovert" point of view, I love having many close friends, AND also love connecting with friends that I'm not so close to! To call them acquaintances is way too formal - these are usually friends I've once hung out with/ classmates / schoolmates but are not in my core group. It's great because everyone kind of has their own core group and we're not looking for someone to be 'besties' with or to HTHT with all the time. We just wanna connect and talk about a common interest. I love that! I'll just face it, I'm an extrovert at heart but I act like an introvert. Haha. 

(You know if you are my core group or not with the high frequency + randomness of my texts)

I won a $5 Cathay voucher from submitting Coke can tabs, so I redeemed a medium popcorn! Had to top up $3, but wow, it has been maybe 2 years since I've even stepped anywhere close a cinema. A sweet feeling indeed. Thanks, Coke!

Caught this movie (at home) too!

It's a Pixar animation called Luca, about sea creature boys heading for an adventure in the land monster world. Simple but heartwarming storyline. Top notch animation as usual. 

Themes: Friendship, courage, acceptance. 

Here are some snaps.

This starting scene gave me intense Little Mermaid vibes. 

We love doofus fish. 

Didn't really snap anything from after they went up to town - I'll leave that for you to discover.

Found this article talking about how Ghibli has permeated Western animation! HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED!

This little tidbit is very fun too:

"And, most of all, the coastal setting brings to mind Miyazaki’s 1992 film Porco Rosso, a story of seaplanes and piracy set in 1930s Italy. Luca’s village is even named “Portorosso” in homage."

Other things I watched: 
  • 1 episode of Move To Heaven
  • 1 episode of Sweet Tooth 
  • Rewatched 'Your Name' (Dang, the visuals are 200% awesome.)
  • Minari 
  • Cruella
  • Isi and Ossi (This is in German! Accidentally watched it in dubbed at first but luckily I found out and switch ASAP. Their original voices are much better.)
Oh yes!! I'm going to start exploring more foreign language films now, since there's nothing else much in English I want to watch. Mmm.

Hope you guys are having a good week so far!



  1. Thanks for sharing the Ghibli article! It's really cool how influential Miyazaki is!