will tomorrow ever come

Hey guys!

What's up? How are you guys combating the boredom or the feeling of 'languishing'?  Life feels at a standstill and every day I feel like I'm waiting, and waiting for something that never comes. (Being really bad at living in the present.)

Some lil updates from me.

Finally left the house to celebrate my friend's birthday! This blueberry rose tart is from Pâtisserie CLÉ. The floral notes really added a new dimension to the simple (but well made) tart!

We had fun catching up, roasting each other and tried to hold 'deeper' conversations with the help of some convo cards. 

My friend made a pandan-infused gin cocktail! Yummms! Full marks for presentation and for the fresh pandan leaf. (Not my hand. Thanks YT.)

Also got my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccination. Everything was very orderly and efficient, but every doctor has their own style of doing things.

My doc told me

  • to avoid raw food
  • to take a deep breath on the count of 3 (is this to distract me?) 
while my sister's doc told her 
  • to not exercise for a week (though the booklet said no strenuous exercise for 12-24h)
  • and ice the area if needed
The jab was a small one and hardly hurt. My arm did feel sore though, especially later at night. The next day I could lift my arm but it hurt so I just iced it a little.

Also for ladies, they asked your last menstruation date as you *may* unwittingly be pregnant. This vaccine wasn't tested on pregnant people! (Who would volunteer???)

Other going-ons in life... my mother unknowingly bought me a funny snarky shirt for $3 at the market. She didn't read any of the text. My sister has one that says 'PARTY ANIMAL'. Lmao.

I finally understand why people watch gamers on YouTube. For me, the community is fun and the videos are useful. I learned how to skip a whole part of the quest by sneaking around the temple grounds instead of fighting the enemies HAHAHA. Also, I was very lucky and got three characters in one pull! Insane! Enjoying my first RPG still. I am now at Adventure Rank 28, and I main Traveller and Chong Yun, though I'm building Jean too. Sorry my dear Qiqi, claymores are just more useful to me...

Also sampled more Netflix dramas like Sweet Tooth and Move to Heaven. There are so many post-apocalyptic shows nowadays. 

I'm also gonna be heading out of the house for work starting tomorrow. Mixed bag of feelings but mostly glad I think! 

Hope you guys are doing ok. Leaving with an old song called If Tomorrow Never Comes.