Homemade Caramel Popcorn! 🍿

Hey friends!

Here's another thing to do at home. My sis and I saw a caramel popcorn hack and we decided to try it out! By we, I mean that she cooked everything and I just do the very hard work of eating. Haha.

What you need:

  • Popcorn kernels
  • 15 Werther's Original Candy

This is pretty funny because the corn kernels are from USA but the packaging is very Chinese. In fact we found this in the Chinese dried food section of the supermarket.

Now, the Tiktok hack melts the caramel first, but my sister did some research and it seemed better to cook the popcorn first. Just add the kernels to a hot pot. They literally pop. Lol. It was fun to watch!

You can't hear the sound here but it was satisfying!

Ta da!

Now heat the candy slowly and drizzle over your popcorn. 

Of course, you can make other flavours - classic salty popcorn, chocolate, you name it. We love the caramel macadamia popcorn from Garrett, so maybe we'll add some nuts next time?

Our popcorn stayed crispy for 2-3 days in an airtight box, before they were all gobbled up. We only used a tiny fraction of the corn kernels so I guess we'll be making this again. 

If you decide to try it, I hope you enjoy it!