Busking Diaries #01

Hey guys!

Sorry for the very late Sunday post today. The week has been really hectic! And today was extra fulfilling because... I managed to busk for the first time since 2020! 🥺

I collected my Busking License on Saturday! The validity date starts on 1 May which is today. At 2a.m. I suddenly remembered that the portal might be open, so I signed in with my Singpass! (Buskers now have to book venues and slots via an e-portal.)

To my surprise I could log in!!! So I started to try booking slots at Paya Lebar, which is where I usually busk. However, all nice evening time slots were pretty much booked so I broadened my search and decided to try out new venues like Wisma Atrium and Suntec City.

5 bookings later at 3a.m... it dawned upon me that I could also book slots for the day itself. There were two last slots 4-6pm for PL! So I bit the bullet and booked them! Subsequently I made some 'marketing' materials.

Hours later I woke up naturally at 8am and started to practice. 

In the afternoon, we made it to Paya Lebar! I haven't really tried this open area so I did so because footfall seemed higher here. Luckily for me, the skies held up too and it didn't pour. It was also quite breezy and the sun wasn't scorching so that was a big plus too. 

Ah, it was pretty amazing to be back on the streets. It's also interesting to see what people respond to - songs that used to be popular may not elicit the same response anymore! Gotta keep adapting and learning new songs and presentation styles. 

Sharing this picture because it was a moment that really made my day! Firstly, there's this cute little girl who was really curious about my guitar. Secondly, this enthusiastic person really hyped me up LOL thank you I appreciate it! 

There were lots of nice moments - people were so warm and friendly! Thank you very much.

If you want to see my upcoming schedule, please check out my profile on the NAC Busking e-portal! Everything will be posted on Instagram and Facebook too, so you can choose whatever platform you like!

I'm going to end this blogpost here because I'm pretty bushed! I'm really looking forward to my next show though I also wish I could magically learn maybe 10 new songs. Wish me luck! It's my first time at Orchard and I can't say I'm not intimidated. 

Every venue has its pros and cons, as well as unique features. For example, I think Orchard road has a lot of trees (and birds), as well as loud traffic. Wisma has steps that basically double as seats! Big airy venues also mean different acoustics, as well as a wild rush for shelter should it rain. There are a lot of things to consider!

But in every space I hope to connect with the audiences and hope they enjoy the show! More updates soon!




  1. Nice! So happy that you can busk again as things slowly return back to “normal”. I think orchard provides more exposure to the busker (?) Bishan MRT is also a great spot that i've come across (as an audience) as it facilitates sound projection (:

    1. Hi again! :) Yes! I'm so glad but haha it also means I'm having some trouble keeping up with my usual blogging schedule.. XD I agree that Orchard gives more exposure! Will keep in mind Bishan MRT - the acoustics are always important for the best experience! Thank you!!