LAYS Spicy Korean Ramen

This flavour did not come to PLAY! It's a Thai product of a Korean flavour!

First impression: The spiciness and sweetness hits hard and fast! The sweetness reminds me of the sweet tteokbokki (rice cake) sauce, so the chip flavour is probably trying to imitate the gochujang sauce with some sweetness. You can also taste a bit of spring onion.

I had to stop after about 6 pieces, my tongue is still on fire now. The Mala flavours have nothing on this haha. (I'm dousing it with some chocolate milk- the fire has not stopped since I tried these chips 10 minutes ago. ⚠️ EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! ⚠️)

Update: my sister says it's not spicy at all.
Update 2: The trick is not to drink water and make it worse. You'll just sniff a little but the spice will be bearable!

We got this packet from Sheng Siong for about ~$2. Try it out! xD



  1. Wow it does seem spicy but i'll definitely give it a shot next time i go to sheng shiong