Swiss Cookie - the Vogelnestli

We chanced upon a 'Vogelnestli' cookie in a cafe near the Lauterbrunnen train station.

Vogelnestli means 'bird's nest'. It's a butter cookie, usually with a nutty paste and a jam centre.

We really liked this cookie and saw it again in supermarkets, so we decided to give those a try and maybe bring home some as souvenirs. At first we were wondering if we got duped by the cafe - did they sell the cookies straight from the packaging or did they bake their own? 

After some taste tests, the supermarket ones just pale in comparison. The cafe one we had was the best so far, with the thickest butter cookie base, the most generous portion of nut paste, and a smooth jam. Yum. 

Throughout our trip we saw the cookies sold mostly in supermarkets and convenience stores. Overall, the bakeries were kind of a let down.* (Just our opinion) Maybe we have to travel to France for better bakes?

Here are some of the other Vogelnestli we found. As you can see, different brands have different thickness and textures of jam. The Betty Bossi cookie even seemed a little burnt? These cookies also come in smaller sizes. They aren't really that well made though. You can see that some of the cookie paste have slid off and are not aligned.

We conclude that the 'fresh' one at the bakery was our best! If you happen to spot it in your trip, don't hesitate to give it a try, especially if you like nutty flavours.


P.S. I think I shall start posting every Wednesday again, I think the structure does me good! Stay tuned and thank you for visiting my blog.