Switzerland - What we ate in ZURICH

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. We found it to be a pretty mix of historical architecture and modern amenities. We did a lot of chocolate shopping here and also visited the Swiss National Museum* (free if you have the Swiss Travel Pass).

Food wise, there are more options other than the usual meat/potato/cheese kind of western fare. There's Asian food, Italian and Mediterranean too.

In a previous post, I shared about the cheese fondue we ate in Gruyères. What we ate in Zurich is decidedly less traditional. Here are 4 places we ate at!

Europaallee 4, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland
(Right outside Zurich HB)

This Italian pizza place was a random find for us. We simply chose it because it was close to the station (Zurich HB). We headed there after before appalled by Asian food costing $12-22CHF per bowl. (Food in question: Udon, soba, pho, katsudon)

There was a set deal of 2 (large) slices of pizza and a salad for $20CHF. What a steal! You make your order and pay at the counter, before heading to any seat of your choice. 

Sorry for the crappy photo - we were hungry and I didn't realise this was unfocused. 

We got Magherita and Mushroom (champignon). They also top the thin crispy pizza with shaved cheese and rocket (which we declined). It was delicious! The salad was also generous with pine nuts and beets. 

One big plus of this place as well is that it opens late - all the way to 10pm/12am! This is a big deal,  because most food establishments close quite early.

Brooklyn by Burger Meister 
Kasernenstrasse 77b, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland

Next, we tried some burgers. Burger Meister's marketing department will be pleased to know that we chose to dine here simply because we kept seeing their signboard with humongous, blocky letters on our walks in Zurich. The exposure effect is real.

There are a few Burger Meister restaurants in Zurich but we ate at this one, a quick walk from Zurich HB. 

We ordered a classic Hamburger, a Buttermilk Chicken Burger and also fries to share. Total bill here was $40.30 CHF. 

What you see in the photo is actually one serving of fries that we split up. 

To be honest I had low expectations but the juicy beef patty in the hamburger really exceeded my expectations! Also enjoyed the flavours in the hamburger. Simple but it works. You can probably skip the Buttermilk Chicken burger though, there's nothing too special about it. Guess it's true then, that cow products are just simply irresistibly good in Switzerland!

Cafe Henrici
Niederdorfstrasse 1, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

This last place I want to tell you about is Cafe Henrici. It is located at the Old Town of Zurich. 

To be honest we didn't notice this cafe despite walking past it several times. It looks quite simple and nondescript. But after some research we headed there because they had quite an extensive menu of coffee, drinks, pastries, mains and dessert and opened pretty early!

Inside, the decor was inviting and cosy. There were wall paintings and little nooks with coffee books (in German). 

We ordered an iced latte, a blueberry muffin and chanced upon this page of Tarte Flambée, a type of French dish. 

You know us. Our curiosity was piqued. We ordered it.

And we were rewarded. Turns out a Tarte Flambée resembles a thin crust pizza. We chose the 'Champion' tarte, and enjoyed avocado and paprika!

It felt very luxurious and satisfying to be having this for early brunch. 

Old Town, Zürich, Switzerland

In the same area, there was a cart selling Crepes. No address for this since the mobile cart moves around the city. There's a menu in English.

The cart offers both sweet and savoury crepes. Sweet crepes include lemon and sugar, apple sauce, and chocolate. 

We ordered the cheese and spinach flavour (kase and spinat). This crepe cost us about $11CHF. 

There were benches around the cart so we just ate in the little square. Ah, the joy of a hot, floppy crepe. The cheese is extremely melty too. You also have an option of topping your crepe with Paprika (and salt?). For some reason this made the crepe kind of salty, so we started to think of paprika as the Western version of MSG. (lol)

Extra notes:
I also think that if you have a chance, maybe dine by the waterfront! For us, the weather would abruptly become drizzly by the time we wanted to do that so we missed our opportunity to do so. I think it would such a nice experience though. It is truly as they say, Switzerland is as picturesque as it comes.

Ending notes:
As you know, my Swiss travels have long ended and I'm making these blogposts back in Singapore. Do I miss Switzerland? Yes. 

Covid-19 has basically been a dampener on all travel desires and this mood has been sustained for two whole years (and more.) I can see how 'revenge travel' is a thing. Well, I hope to have a chance to travel again! 

P.S. New posts every Wednesday.