on Jaffa Cakes 🍊x🍫

We enjoy chocolate in all its creamy, sweet goodness, but sometimes a tart flavour like orange that cuts through the sweetness really elevates the experience.

Jaffa cakes, or orange cakes with chocolate sauce, is a popular small cake introduced in the UK in 1927 by McVitie and Price. I believe McVitie's digestive biscuits are quite common and well known in Singapore. 'Jaffa' refers to a type of orange.

Today I'm going to introduce three types of jaffa cakes that you can find on the shelves.

First up, we have to thank KT for bringing home these McVitie's Jaffa Donuts all the way from London. 

Look at this wonderful cake donut with a perfect glossy chocolate finish!

Definitely enjoying this thickness of sponge cake, too. 

It kinds of looks like a pineapple covered with chocolate, haha. 

Texture: It was excellent for a store bought treat! The cake was slightly bouncy and moist. 
Flavour: The chocolate and orange struck a fine balance between citrus sourness and sweetness. Loved it! It's a good choice for when you don't want to indulge in a complete sweet cake experience (think Chocopie), and instead want something with a bit of zest in it.

Let's compare it to this Griesson orange soft cake that I found in Switzerland. 

The box is vibrant and the cakes look pretty sumptuous. 

In reality, this is how the cakes look like. 

Texture: It is not exactly very soft, nor as thick as I thought they would be. The cake is also on the dry side. 
Flavour: The orange jam was quite sweet, and that meant I usually only had one piece at a time. One box contains two rolls of cookies, and as you can see, I'm still struggling to finish them. I guess you could say they disappointed me.

Lastly, I have some Mini Jaffa Cakes from Marks and Spencer.

These cute mini jaffa cakes come in a small 100g bag.

Texture: They are thin and tiny! You get only a thin sliver of cake as compared to the luscious Jaffa Donuts. 
Flavour: The dark chocolate flavour overpowered the orange a little, and overall I considered this more to be a chocolate heavy snack with just a hint of orange flavour. Due to its small size (about 4cm) even though the chocolate is rich, it's not cloying at all. 


If you like tiny doses of a sweet small treat: Mini Jaffa Cakes
Suitable for tea break: Jaffa Donut
Suitable for sharing (like at a kids gathering): Griesson soft cake

There's something for everyone!


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  1. Omg the Jaffa donuts got me drooling. the variety and quality of pastries/snacks available in London puts us to shame HAHAHA (jkjk)

    1. Hahaha yes!! We're lucky already though because we have access to both Western and A sian snacks! The pastry/snack scene in Switzerland was disappointing/dismal 😜