Switzerland - What we ate in LUCERNE

On our day trip to Lucerne, we had lunch at this young, hip pasta joint called Pastarazzi. 

You pick a type of pasta, gnocchi, or ravioli, then choose a sauce and add-ons if any. They have maybe up to ten types of ravioli! The menu was in German but some of the staff spoke English. Takeaways in your own bowl seem to enjoy a discount too! 

We chose a Tagliatelle with cream sauce. (cream = Rahm). This is the small portion. We did not dare risk the 'large' portion as the usual portions in Switzerland are already pretty big for us. It was really delightful, fresh, bouncy and perfectly al dente.  Big yes from us.

Now the more adventurous choice: the apple and lemon ravioli! I didn't know we could mix raviolis (they also had other interesting flavours and fillings like meat, mint, green pea, carrot etc) so I just chose this with Pesto sauce. This was super refreshing too, though the tagliatelle was too delicious and outshone the ravioli. 

Two small plates dining in cost us 34CHF. The restaurant is busy so be ready with your order!

Hirschengraben 13, 
6003 Luzern, Switzerland

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