Japanese Curry Express (Fortune Centre)

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Yes, I'm back with the ~Singapore~ content. Sorry if you felt like the deluge of Switzerland posts was too much. I had to get them out of the way though!!!

Recently I was introduced to this little gem in Fortune Centre. If you remember, we last visited Fortune Centre to check out the famous Mushroom Udon from Tracy Juice Culture. I remember being really charmed by Fortune Centre because it was such a nice change from the run of the mill food options at chain malls.

So anyway, this is my second exploration of the place!

We visited Japanese Curry Express on a weekday night. Get yourself to the third floor and turn right twice. You will see other Japanese restaurants but it's easy to find them since they have a huge signboard. 

Here's the menu!

Despite their restaurant name, I was told that the Japanese curry was まぁまぁ (so-so in Japanese). How ironic lol.

The real show stoppers were their sushi/maki range!

The place has a bunch of tables BUT (and that's a big but) : 

1. You cannot be seated until all of your party has arrived.  
(This is very stressful because the place closes at 8pm.) There were many people milling about waiting for their buddies to arrive while the aunties looked on, unmoved.

2. Food will take ~20 minutes to arrive.

3. This is a CASH ONLY restaurant!

With that out of the way, let's order!

For starters, we ordered the Tako Karage ($7.50) and Cream Croquettes ($4.50). We also wanted to try the Agedashi Tofu ($5.50) and intriguing looking Mochi Cheese Fry ($7.50) but they were sold out.

The Tako Karage were deliciously deep fried and on the salty side. Portion is small but great as an appetiser to kick things off! Probably best paired with a beer.

The Croquettes were piping hot and truly creamy. They also contain corn though, so avoid this if you hate corn. I personally like corn products, including corn tea, corn snacks and corn ice cream (potong stick style) so I enjoyed this! 

Everybody, let's clap and welcome the STAR OF THE SHOW! 

Unbelievably THICK Salmon Sashimi Slices!!!

Each serving has 5 pieces for $16. This plate contains 2 servings. As expected, biting into this was super satisfying. Most restaurants in SG serve sashimi 1/3 of this thick slice (for almost the same price...) This was so good and fresh. Highly recommend.
Let's get to the makis! Each dish serves 6 BIG generous pieces that do not neatly fit into your mouth.

Salmon Mentai Maki ($13)

Ebi Mango Maki ($13)

Ah, this was definitely our favourite! We saw that many diners ordered this too! 

We also ordered the Spider Maki ($13), which is a soft shell crab maki. This was OK, thought it was slightly spicy. I feel like a sriracha sauce might have been used?

Also we ordered a Mentai Don. (Small: $12 Med: $15) 

I'm more of a spicy chiraishi kind of gal so I have nothing much to say here, but it's fun watching the aunties sear the salmon at the counter. 

We were STUFFED but definitely satisfied. 

Our total bill was $99 for three persons. 

Experience wise: Some aunties are kind of curt while one was more welcoming. We were told off when we exclaimed at one point in time and 'made noise'. My friend tells me she gets scolded by the same auntie each time she visits though. The auntie says if we're too loud she will get complaints and she will get closed down etc.

Not too sure why anyone would make complaints about the noise (at night) because the retail shops are closed and the surrounding shops are also eateries with customers. 

Well, auntie's shop, auntie's rules. We continued our meal, feeling chastised. I haven't been scolded/yelled at by an adult in donkey years and I definitely felt like I was suddenly transported back into school. 


 We then ate as silently as we could. 





Also the toilets on this floor are LOCKED and as a member of the public you are advised to go use the public toilet (20cts) on the first floor. 

Conclusion: There are some rules you need to abide by and you probably should not bring your rambunctious, lively friends here for a get together. Otherwise, food was satisfying and affordable for the quality! 

Japanese Curry Express
190 Middle Road
Singapore 188979


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  1. curry express has been around for some time! the young guy used to front the stall. glad to see that they retained their authenticity. its gained more attention recently due to tiktok. hope they improve and make it big ◡̈

    1. Yes! I saw the tiktok too! Wishing them all the best.