Switzerland - Cheese fondue in Gruyères

Hello my friends.

In this post I'll share with you the food we ate in Gruyères, Switzerland.

We went traditional in this little town and dined at the Chalet de Gruyères. We ordered our first cheese fondue in Switzerland! This restaurant is near the entrance of the Castle and the Giger Museum - you won't miss it!

We sat at a little window overlooking the square. Everything here has a rustic and traditional touch to it - right down to the paper setting and the restaurant uniforms of the waitresses. It really makes the experience fun and memorable.

First you are served with some appetisers - a bowl of pickles and pickled onions, and a large basket of bread. We saved some bread for dipping in the fondue. 

Confession time: the bread crust was the hard, tough kind so I mostly ate the whites. How do Europeans enjoy their bread? Haha. (At another place, I literally saw a lady trying to eat her bread and in the end she spat out the crust and fed them to the pigeons...)

Enter the fondue! (29.50 CHF) It comes with a basket of baby potatoes. 

It's creamy and rich, but a whole pot of it can be jelak of course. Which is when you can add some pepper to jazz things up. 

Here's the beautiful dipping process.

Towards the end of it I cut all the bread crust into small pieces so we did not waste them. We also did this in our Airbnb kitchen and made some crunchy croutons. 

Next, we had this recommended dessert of Meringue Glacé  (ice cream atop of meringues). It comes with a big bowl of cream which I suppose you should use to dip the meringues into? We largely ignored the pot though, because the ice cream was to die for!!! 

The strawberry (erdbeer) ice cream was so rich, milky and slightly tart. An absolute dream. I think I should mention also that we tried Movenpick (in a pint) but that was mostly disappointing. 'Fresh' ice cream is to DIE FOR!!!

The vanilla was pretty good too! The only downside of this dessert is that it is HUGE! The scoops were generous. I mean, I guess they should be, since this cost us 18CHF.

Massive scoops and also massively delightful.

Chalet de Gruyères
Address: Rue du Bourg 53, 1663 Gruyères, Switzerland

These were definitely some of the food highlights of our trip!