Angel Numbers

Hey guys!

How's everyone doing recently?

I've been pretty interested in Numerology.

It all began because I kept seeing angel numbers.

Angel numbers are repetitive numbers that you notice in daily life. For example, you may find that you keep seeing 1111, 222 or 555 wherever you go. You get the idea. 

Why are these called Angel Numbers? Some believe that these are signs or messages that our angels are sending us. Each number pattern has a certain meaning to it.

For example, 1111 is a message that means that you are on the right path, while 888 is about karma and how your efforts will reap rewards.

Some guides suggest that angel numbers are only deemed so if they are seen repeatedly for say a minimum of three times. 

However, each time I see an angel number, I usually Google it immediately to find out what it means. I'm always feeling kind of uncertain of my path in life and the angel numbers have helped to reassure me quite a bit. 

I mean, just throw the dog a bone haha. Let me believe !!!

I see the numbers mostly when I check the time like so:

I've also seen 444 and 4444, which means something positive is coming your way!

Now remember, I don't actually stare at the clock all the time. It's just a moment where feel compelled to LOOK.

And I'll admit, we might have some frequency bias here (where we start to notice things more often because we are attuned to looking for it).

And thus I now see numbers in really unexpected places too!

Like on a Zappy napkin.

I also see numbers at bus stops, or even when I tap out of the bus. 

But this milk carton really surprised me in the morning. 

Even on the Shopee app..

I see 111s and 1111 the most.

I'm really grateful for these little signs from the universe, because after I kept seeing angel numbers everywhere I went, I thought to myself: Oh, this might be how religious people feel like when they receive a sign or message from their god. It feels really nice and comforting especially when there seems to be so many unknowns in life.

I also forgot to mention a very important thing: After I see the numbers and if their associations are a positive, I usually experience something really pleasant. For example, I was thinking about how to deal with a tricky situation, when all of a sudden it resolved on its own by a major stroke of luck. Life suddenly becomes extra smooth. Someone steps in and tells me some wonderful news. I even receive things. Wow. When things like this happen, I can't help but feel grateful and lucky 🙏 , even though obviously this isn't really backed up by science.

To understand this a bit more, I also borrowed a book on Numerology. I now know how to draw a simple birth chart (Western), and a little bit about the symbolism of each number. The book also teaches you how to interpret the birth charts and how to use them. I also learnt about Ruling Numbers, peak dates etc. These centre on our birth dates. The book uses famous figures like Queen Elizabeth to illustrate their examples too. 

One major takeaway for me is how our names also involve the use of numbers and can kind of balance out your birth chart. For example, your name will be used to strengthen absences of numbers in your birth chart. This is really intriguing to me because I feel like this might be how the Chinese people use their bazi? Chinese astrologers use bazi to calculate auspicious timings, name children, match couples, as well as things like career success. I feel like this 'balancing out' concept might be used in a similar way, but I'll update on that because I have not studied Chinese birth chart readings at all.

Do I 100% believe in things like these? Let's just say I do enjoy things like horoscope, MBTI personality types and to some extent animal zodiacs and blood type. I think they are a fun way to interpret life's happenings and I'm totally fine to take these things with a pinch of salt. Humans have a need to interpret and understand life, and there may also be this innate need to categorise and 'compartmentalise' things. I'm no exception here.

But I mean it's always nice when we receive a little guidance or just a little helpful nudge from above, eh? Maybe it's a fulfilling prophecy kind of thing where positive energy will attract even more positive energy. Regardless of how 'scammy' and 'bogus' that sounds, I much prefer this positive energy in my life anyway~

Alrighty Imma sign off here.

It was fun sharing this topic with you!

Have a great week.


P.S. Told my family about this as well and my dad just told me to dream up 4 numbers for the 4D lottery. LMAO pls 

P.P.S New blog posts every Wednesday! :)