Tea Time: Give me 5 min Coffee Infusion Bag

Hey guys!

I decided to just use whatever free time I have to do quick, short blogposts. Better than leaving my blog here to rot in dust...

Today's Tea Time is technically a 'Coffee Time' but with a tea twist. Allow me to elaborate:

Saw these interesting coffee infusion bags selling in a Taipei convenience store. The illustration was cute and caught my eye.

The copy was also cute: English translation - Taipei girls are afraid of being poor, being ugly and failure.

Have you ever tried a coffee infusion bag?  It's basically coffee powder but prepared in a tea bag.

You can prepare it two ways - steeped (hot) or as a cold brew (8-12h).

I steeped it.

We have 100% coffee powder in each bag, with flavour notes of fruit pie, orange marmalade jam and earl grey tea. Cool!

Taste: I'm not the biggest fans of Americanos or black coffee, but this was light, mildly fruity and not too acidic. I think it tasted even better with ice! Maybe the Koreans are right- ice americanos ("ah ah"s), a wildly popular drink of choice there, taste great. 

It was rather fragrant and I think overall it was quite a novel experience and a cute souvenir to gift. 

Check out their website here: https://www.giveme5min.com/

 Till next time!