My 2023 List of Books

Excuse me as I dust off the cobwebs of this blog and get things revved up...

It feels kind of odd not to have a 2023 post of books since I've been doing them every year, so I'm doing one now though it is very belated and already three months into 2024!

Well, 2023 was a very intensely busy year.

Does that sound like an excuse? You know that 2023's book count is going to be dismal already,. don't you...

And yes, I only managed a measly 55 in comparison to 2022's 96 books and 2021's 103 books. Poor performance indeed.

My other excuse is that I 'lost my library' and mainly only read e-books. E-books slow me down a lot because it's difficult to browse for titles I am keen to read. 

Okay, enough of the whinging. - let's get down to business.

I read so many boring books in 2023 *exasperated sigh* , so this list will be shorter than usual. 

Top 2023 books:


I'm sure you've seen this one on the top seller list.

Almost every' Asian women' story I pick up tends to be about a hard, tough life. ć‘œè‹Šć•Š

I remember City of Girls to be a fun read.

I also read a whole bunch of science fiction, drama (Godfather, Remarkably Bright Creatures etc) but I don't super super love them so they're not on the list. 

Non-fiction/ Interests

This book was eye opening. After learning how to do a number birth chart, I wondered if the Western method is similar to the Chinese method of 'bazi'. If you're interested in horoscopes, angel numbers and such, this is a fun supplement. 

This was recommended to me by my friend Wenxin! The first step of any problem is to identify the issue or pattern, and this is a great primer to doing so. Human relationships are so complex and it's always useful to delve in a little deeper to learn how to navigate these ties and conversations. Maybe it will improve your relationships? Worth a read though it may be hard to digest. I read this twice. Can't say I managed to absorb everything and apply, but at least now I'm aware of some patterns. 

This book teaches you to MANIFEST and 'disable your limits'. A good exercise to correct any limiting beliefs you put on yourself. I found it useful. For example: the author talks about how people tend to whine about how they want to travel but never do, and all the excuses they make. Or about their attitudes about money - if you always think you're poor, you're going to act poor and be poor. 'Thoughts become things.'

This was creative and clever with a nice cosy, personal touch. 

Inspiring! Thankful for people who embark on projects to help humanity.

From Singapore...

This was pretty inspiring as well.

Short but imaginative and interesting to think about. 

Yeah, 2023's list is kind of dismal. Hoping 2024 will be better! đŸ€ž (2024's book challenge progress)

Previous year's lists: