Color Theory- How to match shades to your skin

Hey guys, what's up?

I stumbled upon this YouTube video which promised to be game changing. I gave it a go and to my shock it lived up to its promise!

This video shows you how to colour match your clothing to your skin to look better! 

You may find yourself shopping a lot but never seem to look and feel good in colours that are supposed to look good on you. Why? Sometimes it's just a mismatch of clothing to the shade of your skin.

For example, look at Blake Lively! She's dressed in pink, but different shades make her look different. 

Perfect colour match
Still looking good in magenta but not AS good as the paler pink. Quote Chanel: Blake looks livelier in the pale pink.
Alexandra from YouTube also shows us examples of Rihanna, who is a warm tone.


This red is too bright for her warm tone skin.
Cool tone white, which doesn't look as good as...
...Rihanna in warm white! Glowing.
When you don't colour match...
When you colour match!
Find out if you're a soft or clear complexion person and match your clothing hues accordingly!
After this video I went to study my old outfits on my IG and... shockingly I found out that I don't look good in black, one of my favourite go-to colours! *jaw drop*

That's cause I'm a soft complexion person (warm tone skin + dark hair).

It was 1AM but I threw open my wardrobe doors and studied the colours of my clothing, and my friend Linghong and I discussed the theory lol. She also made a handy recap of the video.

Fashion Color Theory
✎Notes from @elahge

#2 shade
- shade match => anything that matches your shade / darker
- pale wont work well

#3 undertones
warm tone = warm clothes
cool tone = cool clothes

#4 match soft & clear colors with soft vs clear complexions
- soft (small diff between skin & hair)
- clear (high contrast between skin & hair)

So according to the video, I should go for warmer tones like this orange, rather than bright saturated colours like this pink-ish red?

And navy blue would work better for me than black.

Linghong also sent me an autumn palette for reference. I currently only have two or three of these colours in my wardrobe!

So I raided my sister's wardrobe for testing, since I don't have the colours I needed.

This might work?
Maybe? At this point I'm not sure anymore.

This colour has worked before... I'm not sure.
My jeans... I think I look best in the middle colour. 


I'm still not 100% sure which colour is best for me, but the next time I go shopping for clothing, I will definitely keep this colour theory idea in mind!

Hope you find your colour match :)