Movie: The Farewell

I forgot to recap this one. Was excited to watch it because it was #asian and starred #awkwafina.

It was pleasant to find relatable moments like this:

This scene may seem mundane but it is #SOTRUE. Happens every other day at my house. LOL

This happens at home too. I can relate to Billi's cheeky personality! 

The grandma fashion is SPOT ON. Really reminds me of my ama too.

A tricky conversation on film - whether you're still Chinese if you immigrate to the US. One brother says yes, the other begs to differ.

Some aesthetic shots.

I don't want to give too much away so I'll keep this brief. Movie's pace is of the slower variety, befitting the theme. Do not expect a feisty kind of Asian movie full of comic relief or action.

It's a personal tale of love and family, with a quite a few literal discussions of western vs eastern values and methods in dealing with family matters. Overall it is still a moving film and while it will not be on my list of favourite films, I'm glad this movie exists and hope it will continue to pave the way for more Asian cinema on a global stage.