In This Together - #stnetschallenge

Hey guys!

So I submitted this video for the #stnetschallenge. The competition requires you to compose an original song featuring the phrase 'in this together', and film a video too.

For the song production:
One night, I couldn't sleep because I drank coffee in the afternoon. So at 3-4am in the morning, I did the first draft of the lyrics and recorded a rough demo on my phone.

The next morning I opened my DAW and started the project with a drum beat, then I added my vocals and started layering in the trombones and keyboard. After that, I did my backing vocals and added one last layer of guitar to fill up the vocal space and make it sound fuller.

I'm trained classically in piano and have near zero experience in keyboard T_T will have to improve on that!

For the video:
I felt like people might use the multiple screen format (like in online conference calls) so I decided to go for a cute handmade feel instead! I left spaces for handwritten lyrics and also videos I collected from my friends and family.

There was originally more origami but the colours didn't work, so I used some stickers instead! The IKEA clips make great props too! The pompoms and patterned paper are from Daiso.

As with all stop-motion projects, my photo roll was just full of photographs.

The video wouldn't have been complete without my friends and family  who gamely participated in it! Κ• •α΄₯•Κ”

BIG thank you to:
Lydia, Melo, Wenxin, Zihan, Oli, Dori, Huiyi, Jiayi, Pepper, Eli, Yu Ting, Marshall, Ling hong and grandma, Jess, Alvin, my sister and my grandmother. Haha!

I hope you enjoyed the video :)