art things

One of the things I enjoy but don't do much in my life is art.

On one of my library trips, I came across a book called Ladies Drawing Night. It was a group of ladies who met regularly to do art together. One week they could be doing portraits, another week mixed media collage. Everyone had their own style and the products were always different and cool! I thought it was such a nice way to explore different medias and make art with friends. 

So I started chillartaclub (CAC) with my friend Ling hong!

CAC sounds like official sounding committee, does it not? lmao

So far we have been painting with acrylic, but we do plan to do digital painting and other media too! I bought two embroidery kits, and hopefully we get to play with mixed media collages and every type of art medium.

This is from our first session! We wanted to do these multi-coloured landscapes. 

I really struggled with my piece, and after something turned murky in my sky of orange, the darkness took over and I ended up with this piece I called 'Venom Bloom'. As the name suggests, it depicts a poisonous flower. Kind of dark and moody but wow it was very cathartic to paint this!

(If you don't see the bloom, it's fine. Some people see mountains or volcanoes)

'Tequila Sunset' by Ling hong! What a pretty and serene piece!

We also posted behind the scenes stuff on the IG.For some reason mine didn't upload and I lost the picture, but Linghong's side of the table is way neater (and cleaner) than mine. Haha! 

She painted a second piece that night! 'moon day'

During our second session, we decided to try galaxy / night skies. This time I mixed my own colours and was more cautious as I painted. Black is a very tricky colour and it can WRECK your painting. The trees aren't perfect but I quite like the colours! Using a toothbrush to make speckles was also great fun.

Titled 'Take me to the skies' because we were listening to BTS while painting.

Linghong on the other hand went wild with her canvas that week! Eventually she decided to scrap this piece so we made it a collab piece. I dabbed black paint and though the shadows looked like horses rearing, and hence the title 'night mares'. 

Here's her final piece on a new canvas! For her thoughts on composition, you'll have to ask the artist herself :P Titled 'Snow Return'. 

In other news,

chubbycat88 is kind of dead right now, but I have been doing some digital art here and there, mostly making wallpapers for friends and fam and practising drawing cute animals. I have loads of ideas but putting them into existence is much more difficult than I thought. Perspective is quite finnicky and I struggle with clean lines too. PLUS my other interests and actual work also demand my time. I feel like the guy from the movie Split where every personality wants some time in the limelight. 

Overall I just want to create some stuff this year in spite of work madness! Let's find joy in the chaos.