I'm still here

Hi my friends!

How have you all been? Sorry this blog has been so inactive. I even missed doing the Feb wrap up and I can't remember much of the month already, oops.

Had a health scare and I have been taking it easy... mentally and physically. As I age, I find that I should definitely pay more attention to my lifestyle and what I eat. (As I type this at 12.30am, there is an empty bowl of instant noodles on my table. Guess I need to put more weight behind my words.)

♡ I've done a deeper decluttering too! Replaced and got rid of some old or faulty items that I own. 

♡ Tried out embroidery with a complex looking scene. I guess I have a penchant for diving into the deep end. I don't promise any results though. 

What I bought: 

How it's going:

French knots are so cute. I didn't know that the ink would fade in water and was trying a no-iron hack to get the creases out. Oops.

♡ Finally cleared Unit 1 of Bahasa Indonesia on Duolingo! *Applause*  Saya mau berhasil.

♡ Short notes and thoughts on some movies and shows I've enjoyed! 

Chaotic but beautiful.

  • Paprika (2006) 
    I've been wanting to watch this, but online versions usually offer the dubbed and I refuse to listen to that. Luckily, Netflix comes to the rescue! Man, this was a real trippy experience, and delightfully creepy. I love the crazy layers, imagination, illustrations and nuances in it. Fun fact: Paprika inspired one of the scenes in Inception! 

  • Raya and the Last Dragon
    This movie was super hyped, what with it being the first SEA disney princess. I thought the movie explored a trickier theme of uniting a broken nation, duty, family, and trust among peoples. It's a refreshing change from having a princess fixated on a love interest (earlier disney princess movies). Raya herself comes across as very broken and angsty to me. I don't know if she really felt healed. :x They definitely gave her less of the usual prance-y princess sheen and more of a harsher and more realistic tone. Interesting though not immediately likable. It was also a pleasant surprise when I heard Jhene Aiko for the credits! Her sound is so perfect for the soundtrack. Niki's on the soundtrack too! There were lots of dope music moments. For example, check out this badass track.

    Official Concept Art from Disney

  • Soul
    Guess this movie hits adults more than children?  It definitely sucks when you finally arrive at your goal, but things are not what you envisioned. If you get stuck there, that's when you become disillusioned and jaded. Watched at 2x the speed because this was a 2h movie!

  • Wandavision
    Didn't want to watch this at first, until I decided to click on it while browsing my friend's Disney+ on her new TV screen! The vintage TV format definitely surprised me and kept me intrigued. Never really cared much about Wanda or Vision, but it's so nice to be back in the MCU! 

  • Moxie
    Moxie received very poor reviews, but I think it will be an important movie in hindsight. It captures the #MeToo campaign, what women face from youth, and most importantly, serves to encourage and offer hope and inspiration for anyone who is struggling. Power in the people! Also, it has a cute cast (Lauren from Terrace House our bby, and Nico Hiraga was such a cool guy! Even he was shocked that the main male lead was Asian and not white!!!)

  • Space Sweepers
    Guardians of the Galaxy but make it Netflix and Asian. We watched it at 1.5x or 2x speed again, haha. 

♡ I am also still on my daily exercise regimen, although I missed two days for recuperation. Been mostly cycling and working out, plus running once a week.

♡ Chanced upon this awesome Spotify playlist of K-Hip Hop. Hip hop really comes across as honest at times. It makes singing feel too polished and postured. 

♡ Kiddo gave me a chocolate. Yes, I'm going to start recording small moments of joy and other minutiae in the blog. Shifting away from that 'lifestyle magazine' focus once again.

♡ Some videos I've come across:

The gentle giant, the blue whale, being devoured by 75 killer whales, or shall we say whale killers?! This is only the third time this behaviour has been caught on camera. Killer whales are actually part of the dolphin family, though its size is nearer to that of a whale. 

This performance of Never Enough by Loren Allred is so inspiring!!! Beautiful notes and amazing range and stability. INSANE!! She makes it look so effortless.


It's really nice to have a content dump on my blog. Feels like the old days. I know content creation has shifted to platforms like Dayre,  Instagram/IGS and even in a video format, but damn, I really like typing away at my computer. It gives me life. Plus, there seems to be less stress when there are less eyeballs here. A false sense of quietness on the Internet. I'll update more often!

Till next time! Hope you guys are doing ok. 


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